Woman Police Constable Exam Previous Question Paper

Solved Question Paper of Kerala PSC Woman Police Constable Examination conducted on 5th March 2011.

1. The first Indian who won an Oscar?
Ans. Bhanu Athaiya

2. The autobiography of Nelson Mandela:
Ans. Long Walk to Freedom

3. The capital of Lakshadweep:
Ans. Kavarathi

4. Chemical name of 'Baking Soda':
Ans. Sodium bicarbonate

5. The organ which is considered as the chemical laboratory of human body:
Ans. Liver

6. The oldest dynasty in ancient India:
Ans. Satavahanas

7. The Right to property in India is a:
Ans. Legal Right

8. Where is the International Criminal Court situated?
Ans. Hague

9. Head quarters of ASEAN:
Ans. Jakarta

10. First completely electrified district in Kerala:
Ans. Palakkad

11. The book 'Planned Economy for India' was written by:
Ans. M. Visvesvarya

12. Who was nicknamed as the 'Milk Man of India'?
Ans. Verghese Kurien

13. Study of fossils is termed as:
Ans. Palaeontology

14. Host for the FIFA World Cup 2018:
Ans. Russia

15. English Premier League is associated with the game of:
Ans. Football

Download the complete solved question paper of Kerala PSC Woman Police Constable Examination conducted on 2011 in pdf file.

Woman Police Constable

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