Village Extension Officer [VEO] Exam Solved Question

Solved Questions of Kerala PSC Village Extension Officer Examination held on 13th April 2007.

1. When did Alexander the Great invade India?
Ans. 327 BC

2. To which personality Gandhiji gave the title ‘Deen Bandhu’?
Ans. C.F. Andrews

3. At the equator the duration of a day is:
Ans. 12 hrs

4. Tulsidas lived during the regime of:
Ans. Akbar

5. Who is known as the Nightingale of India?
Ans. Sarojini Naidu

6. The main controlling centre of the cell is:
Ans. Nucleus

7. Genetics is the study of:
Ans. Mechanisms of inheritance

8. The solar system belongs to the galaxy called:
Ans. Milky way

9. Who was the founder of Saka Era?
Ans. Kanishka

10. To which dynasty did the Asoka belong?
Ans. Maurya

11. Which is the national animal of India?
Ans. Tiger

12. Who was the first Indian to become a member of the British Parliament?
Ans. Dadabhai Naoroji

13. Name the state in which Hirakud is located?
Ans. Orissa

14. Name the state in which the Nagarjuna sagar dam is located?
Ans. Andhra Pradesh

15. Pulitzer prize is given for excellence in the field of:
Ans. Media

16. ‘Uroob’ is the pen name of:
Ans. P.C. Kuttikrishnan

17. World Environment Day is on:
Ans. June 5

18. Amritsar is in:
Ans. Punjab

19. The headquarters of the International Labour Organization is at:
Ans. Geneva

20. Who is the father of Pakistan?
Ans. Mohammed Ali Jinnah

21. Diet is the parliament of:
Ans. Japan

22. Booker Prize is awarded in the field of:
Ans. Literature

23. In a class of 100 students 50 students passed in Mathematics and 70 passed in English, 5 students failed in both Mathematics and English. How many students passed in both the subjects?
Ans. 25

24. A father is now three times as old as his son. Five years back he was four times as old as his son. What is the age of the son now?
Ans. 12

25. Polio is caused by:
Ans. Virus

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