Typist Grade 2 Examination Solved Question Paper

Typist Grade II Previous Question Paper | Solved Questions

Solved Questions of Kerala PSC Typist Grade II Examination conducted on 2010 for filling the vacancies in Various Govt. Owned Companies/ Corporations/ Boards/ Local Authorities/Societies.

1. The oldest teak plantation in the world is in:
Ans. Nilambur

2. From which historical monument did Galileo drop down objects to test his laws of gravity ?
Ans. Leaning Tower of Pissa

3. The longest National Highway in India is:
Ans. N.H. 7

4. Who called Taj Mahal "A teardrop on the cheek of time"?
Ans. Rabeendra Nath Tagore

5. In which river is Nagarjun Sagar dam situated?
Ans. Krishna

6. Golden Plam Award is associated with:
Ans. Film

7. Name the country where there is no coins in circulation but only currencies:
Ans. Paraguay

8. The performing art form "Thamasha" belongs to ........... state:
Ans. Maharashtra

9. The highest peak in Indian Sub continent is:
Ans. Kanchanjunga

10. The lowest layer of atmosphere is called:
Ans. Troposphere

11. The birth place of Subhash Chandra Bose belongs to ........... state.
Ans. Orissa

12. Which country has its national flag bearing with the picture of a leaf of Mapple tree?
Ans. Canada

13. What is the colour of black box in aeroplanes?
Ans. Orange

14. WWW stands for:
Ans. World Wide Web

15. ........... specifies the internet address of a file, stored on a host computer or server connected to internet
Ans. URL

16. Which is the short key is used to view the slide show in Powerpoint?
Ans. F5

17. An operator is used to combine text from two cells in spreadsheet. Which is that operator?
Ans. &

18. Computer processing speed is measured in terms of:
Ans. MHz

19. Cell address of 5th row and 2nd column in spread sheet is
Ans. B5

20. A numeric value can be treated as a label value, if it preceded with:
Ans. Apostrophe (')

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