Kerala PSC Lab Assistant Exam previous | Solved Question Paper

Solved Question Paper of Kerala PSC Lab Assistant Examination Conducted on 24-2-2007

1. Who was the political guru of Gandhiji?
Ans. Gopalakrishna Gokhale

2. Who wrote the book ‘The God of Small Things’?
Ans. Arundhati Roy

3. Anemia is due to the deficiency of:
Ans. Haemoglobin

4. The Mughal ruler in India at the time of the establishment of East India Company was:
Ans. Jahangir

5. When was Television first introduced in India?
Ans. 1959

6. Tagore won the Nobel Prize for literature in:
Ans. 1913

7. Bandipur National Park is at:
Ans. Mysore

8. Who is known as the father of white revolution in India?
Ans. Varghese Kurian

9. Who is the second Indo-American astronaut selected by American space agency NASA for a space mission?
Ans. Sunita Williams

10. The famous Lucknow pact between the Congress and the Muslim League was concluded in:
Ans. 1916

11. Milk tastes sour when kept in the open for sometime due to the formation of:
Ans. Lactic acid

12. The International Criminal Police Organisation (known as Interpol ) has its headquarters at:
Ans. Paris

13. The main component of biogas is:
Ans. Methane

14. The metal that exists in liquid state even at 00C is:
Ans. Mercury

15. Carbohydrates are stored in liver as:
Ans. Glycogen

16. The irregular and partial refraction of light rays in a medium is known as:
Ans. dispersion

17. What is the talc used in talcum powder?
Ans. Hydrated magnesium

18. The Chemical content of laughing gas is:
Ans. Nitrous Oxide

19. The principle of hydrogen bomb is:
Ans. Nuclear fusion

20. About 90% of the sun is made up of:
Ans. Hydrogen

21. The energy of photon is directly proportional to it’s:
Ans. Frequency

22. A red flower when viewed through a yellow glass looks:
Ans. Black

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