Company | Corporation | Board Assistant Exam 2013

Model questions and answers for preparing Kerala PSC Company | Corporation | Board Assistant Grade Examination 2013.

Model Questions


1. The demise of Buddha is known as:
Ans. Mahaparinirvan

2. Which was the first dynasty that ruled Magadha?
Ans. Haryanka dynasty

3. Name the battle in which Alexander defeated Porus?
Ans. Battle of Hydaspes

4. Who was known as ‘Devanampiya Piyadasi’?
Ans. Asoka

5. Which was the first inscription to mention the term ‘Bharatavarsha’ (The oldest name of India)?
Ans. Hathigumpha inscription of King Kharavela

6. Name the capital of the Indo-Greek ruler Menander?
Ans. Sakala (Sialkot)

7. Who founded the city of Ahmedabad?
Ans. Ahmed Shah

8. Who wrote the second part of ‘Rajatharangini’?
Ans. Jonaraja

9. Who is called Robah-i-Deccan or the ‘Fox of the Deccan’?
Ans. Ali Barid

10. Name the Portuguese Viceroy who transferred the headquarters of the Portuguese Government in India from Cochin to Goa?
Ans. Nuno da Cunha

11. The year in which Akbar founded Ibadatkhana at Fatehpur Sikri?
Ans. 1575

12. Who is called ‘Maratha Machiavelli’?
Ans. Nanaphadnis

13. Who was the first Baptist Missionary to arrive in India?
Ans. Dr. William Carey

14. Name the European power who possessed Serampore in Benngal?
Ans. The Danish

15. Who founded Gaudiya or Bangal Vaishnavism?
Ans. Chaitanya

16. Who is popularly known as Rangila or Rangile?
Ans. Muhammed Shah (Mughal Ruler)

17. Name the founder of Niskam Karma Math?
ANs. D.K Karve

18. Who was the autor of the pamphlet ‘I am a socialist’?
Ans. Vivekananda

19. Who moved the Pakistan resolution at the Lahore session of the Muslim League in 1940?
Ans. Fahzul Huq

20. Year in which Acharya Vinoba Bhave founded the Bhoodan Movement?
Ans. 1951

21. The word ‘Abkari’ belongs to the language of?
Ans. Persian

22. Who published the news paper ‘Al-Ameen’?
Ans. Muhammed Abdurahman Saheb

23. Who was known as the queen who loved the nation?
Ans. Cleopatra

24. Fahien Cave is situated in:
Ans. Sri Lanka

25. Name the author of the drama, ‘Oedipus Rex’?
Ans. Sophocles

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