Indian Constitution Related Questions and Answers

Constitution of India Related Questions and answers for preparing PSC | UPSC | SSC | Civil Services | Railway and Other Competitive Examinations.

1. Which article proclaims, India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States?
Ans. Article 1

2. According to Sardar Patel, Bloodless Revolution means:
Ans. Integration of Princely States

3. Which Act is known as the ‘Prime Charter of Indian Legislature’?
Ans. Councils Act of 1861

4. Which Amendment declares Delhi as National Capital Territory of India?
Ans. 69th

5. By elections to any House of Parliament or any State Legislative Assembly is held within:
Ans. 6 months

6. Who was the first CAG of India?
Ans. V. Narahari Rau

7. Who is the present Leader of Opposition of Rajya Sabha?
Ans. Arun Jaitli

8. The present Election Commissioner of Kerala?
Ans. Shashidaran Nair

9. Which Article gave special status to Delhi?
Ans. Article 239 AA

10. The Prime Minister who is known as the ‘Father of Indian Economic Reforms’?
Ans. P.V Nara Simha Rao

11. How many types of ministers are in the Union Cabinet?
Ans. 3

12. Who was the chainman of Union Constitution Committee?
Ans. Jawaharlal Nehru

13. Who is the custodian and guardian of the rights and privileges of the Members?
Ans. Speaker

14. The idea of Concurrent List is taken from?
Ans. Australia

15. Who opined that Caste, Criminality and Corruption are prevalent in Indian Electoral System?
Ans. T.N Sheshan

16. Which Article prohibits the practice of Child Labour?
Ans. Article 24

17. Fundamental Rights are justiciable where as Directive Principles are:
Ans. Non Justiciable

18. L.M Singvi Committee was appointed by:
Ans. Rajiv Gandhi

19. Which president refused to sign the famous ‘Post Office Bill’?
Ans. Zail Singh

20. Who is known as the ‘Father of Local Self Government in India’?
Ans. Lord Ripon

21. Preamble is known as:
Ans. The Soul of Indian Constitution

22. ‘Indian Constitution: Cornerstone of A Nation’ is a book written by:
Ans. Granville Austin

23. Present Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha?
Ans. Kariya Munde

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