Detailed Syllabus of Junior Manager Examination

Detailed Syllabus of Junior Manager (Information Management) Examination in Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd Department with Category No. 443/2009 On April 2013 Published By Kerala Public Service Commission.

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1. Theoretical Foundations
Mathematical Logic: Prepositional Logic, Predicate Logic-Relations and functions - Algebraic systems-Recurrence. Relations-Formal Languages and Automata-Computability-Algorithms and Complicity.

2. Digital Logic
Number Systems and codes-Binary representation-Logic elements-Design of Combinational logic circuits and sequential logic circuits-logic system design using MUX, Decoders etc.

3. Programming Fundamentals
C programming: Data types-Data structures-Control structures-Files-Pointers Object Oriented Programming: Basics of OOP-Data abstraction-inheritance-polymorphism-overloading-program design using C++.

4. System Software and Software Engineering
Linkers, Loaders, Assemblers, and Device drivers-Basics of each subsystem Issues in large software projects- Software life cycle-Phases in a software project-software testing-quality measures.

5. Compilers
Phases of the compilation process-Lexical analysis-Syntax analysis-top down and bottom up parsersintermediate code generation-code optimization-final code generation-run time storage management-symbol tables.

6. Operating systems
Functions of OS-Memory management-Process management-file management-device management-Protection-Concurrency control.

7. Algorithms
Algorithm efficiency-Design methods-divide and conquer-greedy approach-dynamic programming- analysis.

8. Hardware Systems
Building blocks of digital computers- ALU-Binary Arithmetic-Control unit-Memory systems-Peripherals-Performance measures-Advanced architecture-Parallel processing.

9. Networking
Data communication fundamentals-Types of networks-Media types-Network topologies - OSI layers-Error control and flow control-Protocols-Mobile communication.

10. Applications
Computer graphics-Multimedia-Artificial intelligence-Database management-Data mining-Internet technologies.

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