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Geography related questions and answers for preparing kerala psc Company | Corporation | Board Assistant grade Examination 2013.

Model Questions 


1. Earth is rotating at a speed of .......... at the equator.
Ans. 1669.9 km/hour

2. The speed of the Earth’s rotation at the poles.
Ans. 0

3. The inclination of Earth’s axis from the plane of ecliptic.
Ans. 66 ½0

4. The direction of winds and ocean currents deflects both at northern and southern hemisphere due to ..........
Ans. Rotation of the Earth (Coriolis effect)

5. As a part of rotation, the Earth completes one full circle in 24 hours. How much time to take the earth to complete 10?
Ans. 4 minute

6. Sun rises at east and sets at west. Why?
Ans. Earth rotates from west to east.

7. The years with 366 days are known as:
Ans. Leap Year

8. The day when the Earth is nearest to the Sun.
Ans. January 3

9. The day when the earth is at its farthest point.
Ans. July 4

10. The direction of the Earth’s revolution is in:
Ans. Anticlockwise

11. The total distance travelled by the Earth to complete one revolution around the Sun is about:
Ans. 940 million km

12. The axis of the Earth always points towards the Polaris or Polar Star, due to:
Ans. Parallelism of the axis

13. The duration of the day and night is varies as a result of:
Ans. Revolution of the Earth

14. The interval of time between two successive passage of the distant star over the observer’s meridian is known as:
Ans. The sidereal day

15. The days when the Sun shines vertically over the Equator:
Ans. 21st March and 23rd September

16. Where is the position of the Sun on Autumnal Equinoxes?
Ans. Over the Equator

17. Name the position when the Sun reaches over the tropic of cancer?
Ans. Summer Solstice

18. The position of the Sun on December 22nd:
Ans. Over the Tropic of Capricorn (Winter Solstice)

19. What will be the condition of day and night at the Arctic Circle on 21st June?
Ans. Day for 24 hours

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