Company | Corporation | Board Assistant Exam 2013 Model Questions

Model questions and answers for preparing Kerala PSC Company | Corporation | Board Assistant Examination 2013.

Model Questions


1. Which country’s tourism tagline is ‘The Wonder of Asia’?
Ans. Sri Lanka

2. Which world leader’s original name was Nguyen Sinh Cung?
Ans. Ho Chi Min (He was a Vietnamese communist revolutionary leader, prime minister and president of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam)

3. Which organization was founded by Wangari Mathai for the protection of the Environment?
Ans. Green Belt Movement

4. Which country’s National animal is Zebra?
Ans. Botswana

5. Stone age cultures appeared during which period of Earth’s age?
Ans. Pleistocene

6. When a planet comes between the Sun and Earth, what is it called?
Ans. Transit

7. Which dance form is the last one to get the classical status by Sangeet Nataka Academy?
Ans. Sattriya

8. Which Asian country’s economic growth was termed as ‘Miracle on the Han river’?
Ans. South Korea

9. Who was handling the portfolio of finance at the time of India’s first phase of Bank Nationalisation in 1969?
Ans. Indira Gandhi

10. World Mental Health Day is observed on ..........?
Ans. October 10

11. Which are the highest clouds found in the Earth’s atmosphere?
Ans. Noctilucent Clouds

12. In which country is the Hindu Raj mountain range is situated:
Ans. Pakistan

13. Which was India’s first Earth observation satellite?
Ans. Bhaskara I

14. Which educational institution of India was behind the development of the nano-satellite ‘Jugnu’?
Ans. IIT Kanpur

15. Name the only Prime Minister of Britain, whose mother tongue was not English?
Ans. David Lloyd George

16. Galatea and Naiad are the satellites of .......... ?
Ans. Neptune

17. Which chemical compound is also known in the names of ‘Chameleon mineral & Condy’s crystals’?
Ans. Potassium permanganate

18. The Bomb calorimeter is used to measure .......... of a particular reaction?
Ans. Heat of combustion

19. E numbers are codes for chemicals which can be used as .......... ?
Ans. Food Additives

20. ZIP codes are a system of postal codes used in which country?
Ans. USA

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