Expected Maths questions for KPSC Secretariat Assistant Exam 2013

Mathematics Model questions and answers for Kerala psc Assistant / Auditor Examination On 5th January 2013.

1. Which is the only number that represents the perimeter and area of the same square?

2. Cube root of 729 is:

3. A train is travelling at 10m/s. If it crosses a pole in 75 seconds, the length of the train is :

4. A car is purchased for Rs. 90,000. After one year if it depreciated by 30%, what is the value at that time?

5. Write the next number in the sequence 7, 9, 11, 13, 17, .........

6. 3/4th of 1/3rd of 4/5th of a number is 90. Then the number is:

7. The ages of a father and son are 4 l and 16 years respectively. In how many years will the father be twice as old as his son?
(a)10 years
(b)8 years
(c)9 years
(d)12 years

8. A candidate who gets 30% of the total marks in a test fails by 50 marks. Another candidate who gets 320 marks fails by 50 marks. Another candidate who gets 320 marks fails by 30 marks. What are the total marks?

9. By selling 200 mangoes a man gains the selling price of 40 mangoes. His profit margin on cost is:

10. The average of 11 numbers is 50. The average of the first six numbers is 49 and that of the last six is 52. If so, the sixth number is:

11. How much time does a train, 280 m long, running at a speed of 72 km/hr, take to cross a bridge of 220 m long?
(a)25 seconds
(b)30 seconds
(c)35 seconds
(d)60 seconds

12. 75% of the students in a school are boys. If the number of girls students is 420, the number of boys is:

13. 0.1 × 0.1 × 0.1
a)0. 1

14. The simple interest on a certain sum deposited at 8% interest per, annum for three years is Rs. 576. The sum deposited is:
(a)Rs. 2400
(b)Rs. 2800
(c)Rs. 3200
(d)Rs. 3600


1. (d) 2. (b) 3. (a) 4. (c)

5. (b) 6. (b) 7.(c) 8.(d)

9.(b) 10.(c) 11.(a) 12.(d)

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