First in The World Questions

PSC Questions and Answers on First in The World

1. First Russian Prime Minister to visit India ?
Ans. Nikolai A Bulgarin

2. First Woman Cosmonaut in Space?
Ans. Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova

3. First Woman to climb Mount Everest?
Ans. Junko Tabei (of Japan)

4. First Woman Prime Minister of a country?
Ans. Sirimavo Bandar-naike (of Sri Lanka)

5. First Woman President of a country?
Ans. Maria Estela Peron (of Argentina)

6. First Woman in the world to cross the Strait of Gibraltar?
Ans. Arti Pradhan (of India)

7. First Lamp created using DNA from an adult Sheep?
Ans. Dolly

8. World’s First Radio Telescope Satellite was launched into space by:
Ans. Japan

9. First Asian to head the International Cricket Council?
Ans. Jagmohan Dalmiya

10. First country to loose the right of aid from the IMF?
Ans. Kenya

11. First UN Deputy Secretary General?
Ans. Louise Frechette

12. First Asian to head the prestigious Trinity college of Cambridge University?
Ans. Amartya Sen

13. First Goodwill games were held at:
Ans. Moscow

14. First heart bypass operation by a robot was carried out in:
Ans. Germany

15. First South Asian to receive the World Statesman Award?
Ans. K R Narayanan

16. First physically disabled person to climb Mount Everest?
Ans. Tom Whittakar

17. First Bowler to claim a hatrick in successive tests?
Ans. Wasim Akram

18. First Rocket to be launched into space from a Sea platform?
Ans. Zenith

19. First Ethnic Indian Prime Minister of Fiji?
Ans. Mahendra Choudhury

20. World’s first cloned Human baby?
Ans. Eve

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