Assistant/Auditor Exam Model Questions

Expected questions and answers for kerala psc Assistant Grade Examination.

1. Which of the following states, On September 26, 2011 become the first state to formally launch the ‘My Stamp’ Concept.
(c)Jammu & Kashmir
(d)Uttar Pradesh
Ans. Jammu & Kashmir

2. The Swedish poet who won the 2011 Nobel Prize in Literature in Stockholm in October 6, 2011?
(a)James Jones
(b)John Cusack
(c)Thomas Transtromer
(d)Jarid leto
Ans. Thomas Transtromer

3. Who among the following became the youngest person to scale the tallest mountains on each of the seven continents in December 2011?
(a)Dong Scott
(b)Juran Pietro
(c)Jordan Romero
(d)George Atkinson
Ans. Jordan Romero

4. Best administrator of India award 2011 conferred on given to Pranab Mukherjee in December 2011 has been instituted in the memory of:
(a)K. Kamraj
(b)Y.B Chavan
(d)K. Karunakaran
Ans. K. Karunakaran

5. Where was the World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial conference organized in December 2011?
(b)Hong Kong
Ans. Geneva

6. Which country hosts the Olympic Games in 2012?
Ans. England

7. Capital Market Regulator is:

8. Lionel Messi, the famous Footballer, belongs to which one of the following countries?
Ans. Argentina

9. Nirupama Rao is appointed as the New Ambassador of India to .........
Ans. USA

10. Mamta Banerjee belongs to which political party?
(c)Trinamool Congress
Ans. Trinamool Congress

11. Which of the following awards is given by the Government of India?
(a)Kalinga Award
(b)Pulitzer Award
(c)Padma Bhushan
(d)Jamnalal Bajaj Award
Ans. Padma Bhushan

12. The 43th Jnapith award was given to whom among the following ?
(a)S.L Bhyrappa
(b)O.N.V Kurup
(c)Ishant Sharma
(d)Javed Aktar
Ans. O.N.V Kurup

13. Which of the following states won the National Hockey Championship 2011?
Ans. Haryana

14. The 11th five year plan over in :
(a)December 2011
(b)January 2012
(c)March 2012
(d)March 2013
Ans. March 2012

15. Indus water Treaty is a pact on sharing of river water between India and ..........
Ans. Pakistan

16. 43rd international film festival of India 2012 will be held in
Ans. Goa

17. World Economic forum Annual meeting 2012 will be held in:
Ans. Davos

18. Reena Kaushal is the first Indian Woman to reach ...........
(a)North Pole
(b)South Pole
(c)Mt. Everest
(d)None of these
Ans. South Pole

19. What is Nerpa?
(a)Nuclear Powered Submarine
(b)Light Cobatt Aircraft
(d)Air Craft
Ans. Nuclear Powered Submarine

20. Who is Dr. Conrad Murray?
(a)Michael Jackson’s Physician
(b)Chief of IMF
(c)ICC president
(d)None of these
Ans. Michael Jackson’s Physician

21. 2012 Pravasi Bharatiya Divas was celebrated in:
(d)New Delhi
Ans. Jaipur

22. Which river of India was declared as National River in November 2008?
Ans. Ganga

23. ‘Politics and Policies’-A Marxist Perspective is a book written by:
(a)Jyothi Basu
(b)Prakash karat
(c)Jayant Kumar Rai
(d)A.K Sen
Ans. Prakash karat

24. ‘Agenda-21’ is related with:
(a)SAARC Summit
(b)Earth Summit
(c)NAM Summit
(d)EU Summit
Ans. Earth Summit

25. The Right to Information Act 2005, came into effect in full on:
(a)8th October
(b)12th October
(c)9th October
(d)10th October
Ans. 12th October

26. Which day is observed as ‘Mandela Day’ as per UN Panel?
(a)June 5
(b)December 10
(c)July 18
(d)October 24
Ans. July 18

27. ‘Bushehr’ Nuclear Power plant is in:
Ans. Iran

28. Whose Autobiography is ‘Matters of Descretion’?
(a)I.K Gujral
(b)L.K Advani
(c)A.B Vajpayee
(d)P. Chidambaram
Ans. I.K Gujral

29. The Head Quarters of Brahmos Aerospace Private Ltd is in ...........
(d)New Delhi
Ans. New Delhi

30. In 2011 which Indian Movie got Oscar entry in Best foreign film category?
(a)Adaminte Makan Abu
(b)Peepli live
(d)Harish Chandrachi Factory
Ans. Adaminte Makan Abu

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