Secretariat Assistant gk

Biology general knowledge questions and answers for Secretariat Assistant Exam 2013.

1. Vitamin A is essential for the maintenance of which layer of skin?
Ans. Epithelial skin

2. Photo synthesis takes place lower in which color of light?
Ans. Yellow light

3. Which instrument is used for measuring the pressure of gases?
Ans. Mano meter

4. Grey matter consists of .........?
Ans. A large number of nerve cell bodies

5. The chromosome number of a bacterium is:
Ans. One

6. Plant group which is known as the storage of proteins:
Ans. Pea

7. The plant having no flower:
Ans. Mushroom

8. The Central Rise Research Institute of India is located at:
Ans. Cuttack

9. Insufficient blood supply in human body is referred as:
Ans. Ischemia

10. Insects belong to .........
Ans. Anthropods

11. The colour of cow’s milk is slightly yellowish due to the presence of :
Ans. Riboflavin

12. Artocarpus integrifolia is the scientific name of .........
Ans. Jackfruit

13. Ginger is an example of:
Ans. Rhizome

14. In case of cardiac arrest what should be the most primary step?
Ans. Cardiac massage

15. Saffron is dried .........
Ans. Stigmas

16. What is H-165 and H-97?
Ans. Hybrid varieties of tapioca

17. Palynology is the study of .........?
Ans. Pollen grains

18. To which group of plants does the banyan tree belong?
Ans. Angiosperms

19. Cotton fibre is obtained from the .........?
Ans. Seed

20. The chief timber used in manufacturing rifle parts is obtained from .........?
Ans. Walnut

21. Eustachian tube connects in which parts of the body?
Ans. Ear and throat.

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