Postal Assistant | Sorting Assistant Exam gk

General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Postal | Sorting Assistant Examination.

1. The Booker Prize winner of the year 2012 is:
(a)Jeet Thayyil
(b)Hilary Mantel
(c)Will Self
(d)Alison Moor
Ans. Hilary Mantel

2. The famous persian poet Firdausi lived during the reign of:
Ans. Mahmud of Ghaznavi

3. Sitara Devi is associated with which form of dance:
Ans. Kathak

4. The sounds having a frequency of 20 Hertz to 20000 Hertz are known as:
Ans. Audible sounds

5. Who was the indian Flag bearer in London Olympics 2012?
Ans. Susil Kumar

6. Tapti river originates from:
Ans. Satpura range

7. The Indus Valley people worshipped:
Ans. Banyan Tree

8. Number of players on each side of the Volley Ball, Basket Ball, and Base Ball games respectively?
Ans. 6,5,9

9. Plaster of Paris is obtained from:
Ans. Gypsum

10. What was Chandra Gupta II also known as:
Ans. Vikramaditya

11. Number of member countries affiliated with UNO:
Ans. 193

12. Number of judges available in International court of justice:
Ans. 15

13. Nobel prize winner for Literature for the year 2012?
Ans. Mo Yan

14. The first Law Minister of Independent India?
Ans. Dr. B.R Ambedkar

15. Who proposed the theory of Continental Drift theory, which states that part of the Earth’s crust slowly drift atop a liquid core?
Ans. Alfred Wegner

16. Which among the countries has the maximum number of Time Lines:
(b)United Kingdom
Ans. Russia

17. The route in which the first Electric-rail train in India, Deccan Queen moved:
Ans. Mumbai-Kurla

18. The country which possess the highest longevity rate for man is:
Ans. Japan

19. Name of the rocky planet discovered by the astronomers [ in October 2012], it’s radius is twice that of Earth’s and it’s mass is eight times, made largely out of diamond and graphite:
Ans. 55 Cancri e

20. What is Gagan ?
Ans. It is the Indian Top-up to the USA’s Global Positioning System.

21. ‘Saraswathi Samman’ award is instituted by:
Ans. K.K Birla Foundation

22. ‘Tunnel of Time’ is the autobiography of:
Ans. R.K Laxman

23. Which organ of the body is affected by typhoid?
Ans. Intestine

24. Who has been declared the “Cricketer of the Twentieth Century” by ICC?
Ans. Shane Warne

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