Malayala Manorama Thozhilveedhi preparation

Model questions and answers from Malayala Manorama thozhilveedhi for Kerala psc Secretariat Assistant | Company, Corporation Assistant Exam preparation.


1. Spectacles used for viewing dimensional films have ..........?
Ans. Polaroids

2. ‘Light Year’ is used as a unit to measure:
Ans. Distance

3. In a sprayer the liquid rises in the tube due to:
Ans. Lower pressure at the upper end

4. The best conductor of heat among liquid is:
Ans. Mercury

5. The image formed on the retina of the human eye is:
Ans. Real and inverted

6. Ampere is the unit of:
Ans. Flow of electric current

7. Instrument thatis used to convert AC to DC?
Ans. Rectifier

8. What is the unit of illuminance?
Ans. Lux

9. What is the colour of Hydrogen vapour lamp?
Ans. Blue

10. Who discovered cosmic rays?
Ans. R.A millikan

11. What is the shape of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun?
Ans. Elliptical

12. A shooting star is basically a:
Ans. Meteor

13. Where is the National Remote Sensing agency situated?
Ans. Shadnagar

14. Fuses are connected to the live wire in:
Ans. Series

15. Speedometer of an automobile measures ..........?
Ans. Instantaneous speed

16. The three primary colours are:
Ans. Blue, Green and Red

17. Which part of the Sun is visible during total solar eclipse?
Ans. Corona

18. Mach number is used in connection with the speed of ..........?
Ans. Aircraft

19. Radio Isotopes are:
Ans. Isotopes that are radioactive

20. The process responsible for the enormous energy in the sun is ..........?
Ans. Nuclear fusion


1. The hottest part of the gas flame is known as:
Ans. Non luminous zone

2. The alloy used to produce permanent magnet is ..........?
Ans. Alnico

3. Chemically baking soda is:
Ans. Sodium bicarbonate

4. Who discovered vulcanization?
Ans. Charles Goodyear

5. Alloy containing mercury is known as ..........?
Ans. Amalgam

6. The chemical which has the worst smell in the world?
Ans. Methyl mercaptan

7. The element added to matchstick is ..........?
Ans. Red phosphorus

8. Indigo is used in which industies?
Ans. Dyeing industry

9. Hypo used in photography is chemically ..........?
Ans. Sodium Thisulphate

10. The purity of primary gold is ..........?
Ans. 24 carat

11. The nature of Saliva is ..........?
Ans. Amphoteric

12. The term ‘pH’ denotes the:
Ans. Acidity or basicity of solution

13. The greatest number of compounds are formed by the element:
Ans. Carbon

14. If sodium salt is used in fire works, the colour imparted is:
Ans. Bright yellow

15. What is dry ice?
Ans. Solid carbon dioxide

16. The first artificial element is:
Ans. Technitium

17. Aluminium is exctracted from:
Ans. Bauxite

18. Sea gets heated up and cooled down slower than the land because:
Ans. Water has a higher specific heat

19. Aquaregia is a mixture of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid in the ration of:
Ans. 3:1

20. Ordinary glass, when kept for long, turns opaque, This is due to ..........?
Ans. The formation of crystallites

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