GK About Kerala

General Knowledge questions and answers about kerala for all psc Examinations.

1. ‘Arangu Kanatha Nadan’ is the autobiography of:
Ans. Thikkodian

2. The first to get Odakkuzhal Award:
(b)O.N.V Kurup
(d)Vennikkulam Gopalakkurup
Ans. Vennikkulam Gopalakkurup

3. Adoor Gopalakrishnan got national award for best director in 1972 for his first feature film:
Ans. Swayamvaram

4. Who pointed out the importance of Thattekkad for the first time which became a sanctuary in 1983?
Ans. Salim Ali

5. Kerala became the first fully literate sate in India in the year:
Ans. 1991

6. The year of Peruman train tragedy in which more than 100 people were killed:
Ans. 1988

7. The finance minister of Kerala who was instrumental in the launching of lottery in Kerala:
Ans. P.K. Kunju

8. The headquarters of the Kerala Agricultural University established in 1971:
Ans. Mannuthi

9. Sarada got national award for best actor in 1968 for the film:
Ans. Thulabharam

10. The first hydel project in Malabar area started in 1972:
Ans. Kuttiadi

11. Gandhiji visited Kerala for the last time in:
Ans. 1937

12. The year of Kayyur strike:
Ans. 1941

13. KPAC (Kerala People’s Arts Club) was formed in:
Ans. 1951

14. The first stage in the performance of Kathakali:
Ans. Kelikottu

15. Parayan and Seethankan are forms of:
Ans. Thullal

16. Margam Kali is related to:
Ans. Christians

17. Ammannur Madhava Chakyar is related to:
Ans. Koodiyattom

18. The place known as ‘the Cherrapunji of Kerala’:
Ans. Lakkidi

19. The headquarters of Wayanad district:
Ans. Kalpetta

20. The fort of Kunhali was built at:
Ans. Puthupatanam

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