Chemistry and Biology Related questions

Chemistry and Biology questions and answers for kerala psc secretariat assistant, Company, Corporation Assistant , Librarian exam.


1. Aurite is the ore of:
Ans. Gold

2. DDT is the main name of a chemical that can be used as a/an:
Ans. Insecticide

3. Gobar gas contains mainly :
Ans. Methane

4. The Bright Yello colour of street light is due to:
Ans. Siodium

5. Dental gold is an alloy of gold with:
Ans. Silver and Copper

6. Which is known as the universal solvent?
Ans. Water

7. Styrene is made up of the elements:
Ans. Hydrogen and Carbon

8. A gas which is not present in normal samples of air is:
Ans. Chlorine

9. The first transuranic element synthesised was:
Ans. Neptunium

10. The metal contained in clay:
Ans. Aluminium

11. Which is the heaviest known metal?
Ans. Osmium

12. Phosphorus-32 is used in the treatment of:
Ans. Leukemia

13. The branch of Chemistry that deals with living system is known as:
Ans. Biological Chemistry

14. Stainless steel, apart from components of steel contains?
Ans. Chromium and Nickel

15. The Alkali metal used in photovoltaic cell is:
Ans. Caesium

16. Malachite is an ore of:
Ans. Copper

17. In refrigerators, the liquid used as refrigerant is:
Ans. Liquid Ammonia

18. Boric acid is a:
Ans. Mild anticeptic


1. In termites, the cellulose of wood is digested by:
Ans. Protozoans

2. A solution of chlorophyll pigments looks red in reflected light because of:
Ans. Fluorescence

3. The life span of human red blood corpuscles is:
Ans. 120 days

4. Deficiency diseases are due to deficiency of:
Ans. Vitamins

5. The sugar present in Milk is:
Ans. Lactose

6. The Hindustan antibiotics is situated at:
Ans. Pimpri

7. Venous blood is carried to the lungs for oxygenation by the:
Ans. Pulmonary arteries

8. Puncture of the thoracic wall but not of the lung itself will cause:
Ans. Collapse of the lung

9. Reflex action is controlled by:
Ans. The spinal chord

10. The pH of blood is in the range:
Ans. -7.3 to 7.5

11. Biopsy test is connected with the diagnosis of:
Ans. Cancer

12. Medulla oblongata is a part of human in:
Ans. Brain

13. Heart attack is due to:
Ans. Cholesterol

14. Kwashiorkor is a disease caused due to the deficiency of:
Ans. Proteins

15. The acid present in tamarind is:
Ans. Tartaric acid

16. The inner black surface of the Eye is called:
Ans. Retina

17. Enzyme present in the Saliva is:
Ans. Ptyalin

18. The Chemical name of ‘Vitamin E’ is:
Ans. Tocopherol

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