Botany Related Questions and answers

Botany questions and answers for kerala psc Secretariat Assistant / Auditor, Company/ Corporation Assistant Grade Examinations

1. Who coined the word ‘Gene’?
Ans. Johannson

2. The plant used in space vehicles to maintain the level of oxygen:
Ans. Chlorella

3. The tallest flowering plant:
Ans. Eucalyptus

4. Zoophily is the pollination through:
Ans. Animals

5. Xylology is the study of:
Ans. Wood

6. Halophytes are plants that grow in ..........
Ans. Salt water

7. Which enzyme in Pineapple enhances digestion?
Ans. Bromelain

8. The tendency of plants to grow in response to the influence of chemicals:
Ans. Chemotropism

9. Who is the father of the Theory of the Inheritance of Acquired Characters?
Ans. Lamarck

10. The pollen grains in plants are produced in ..........
Ans. Anther

11. Xerophytes are plants in:
Ans. Deserts

12. The hard part of the plant body is made up of the tissues:
Ans. Sclerenchyma

13. ‘Stratosphere Giant’, the tallest tree in the World is in:
Ans. USA

14. The study of fruits:
Ans. Pomology

15. Japanese art of flower arrangement:
Ans. Ikebana

16. The cultivation of plants without soil:
Ans. Hydroponics

17. Name the organelle helpful for protein synthesis:
Ans. Ribosome

18. The hormone that is helpful for ripening of fruits:
Ans. Ethylene

19. Who proved that plants are living organisms?
Ans. J.C Bose

20. What is known as the power house of the cell:
Ans. Mitochondria

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