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Foreign Travellers

1. What is considered as the first foreign traveller to India?
Ans. Megasthenese

2. Name the famous book of Megasthenese in which a great deal is written about our country and people?
Ans. Indika

3. Name the King who sent Megasthenese to India as his ambassador ?
Ans. Seleucus Nicator

4. Who was the great king of Pataliputra at the time of Megasthenese’s visit?
Ans. Chandragupta Maurya

5. Who was the first Chinese traveller to visit India?
Ans. Fa-Hien

6. Who is the author of the work ‘A Record of Buddhist Kingdoms of Foguoji’ ?
Ans. Fa-Hien

7. What is the main objective of Fa-Hien’s visit to India?
Ans. Visit holy Buddhist places and to collect Buddhist books and relics

8. Who was the famous king of India during Fa-Hien’s visit?
Ans. Chandragupta II

9. Which is the probable period of Fa-Hien’s India visit?
Ans. 405-412 AD

10. Where is the famous ‘Fa Hien Cave’ is situated?
Ans. Sri Lanka

11. Which was the period of Hiuen Tsang’s pilgrimage to India?
Ans. 629-644 AD

12. Who was the famous king of Kanauj at the time of Hiuen Tsang’s visit?
Ans. Harshavardhana

13. Who was the superior of Nalanda Monastery during the visit of Hiuen Tsang ?
Ans. Silabhadra

14. Which place in Kerala was visited by Marco Polo the great venesian traveller?
Ans. Kollam (1293)

15. Who was the Chinese traveller to visit India during the period of 671-695 and wrote a book about it named ‘Biographics of Eminent Monks’?
Ans. I-Ching

16. Who was the first Arab traveller to visit India?
Ans. Al Masoudi (957)

17. What is the name of the famous book written by Al-Masoudi about India and its social situations at the time of his visit?
Ans. Murjal Zahab

18. Who was the famous Moroccan traveller of the 14th century ?
Ans. Ibn Battuta

19. What is the name of the famous work of Ibn Battuta?
Ans. Rihla (Journey)

20. What is the probable period of Ibn-Battuta’s visit of India?
Ans. 1336-42

21. Who was the Sultan of Delhi at the time of Ibn-Battuta’s visit?
Ans. Muhammed bin Tughluq

22. Who was the traveller to visit Kozhikode during 1443-44 as a representative of the King Shah Ruck of Samarkhant?
Ans. Abdur Razzaq

23. Who was the Vijayanagar ruler during Abdur Razzaq’s visit of Hampi?
Ans. Devaraya II

24. Which Chinese traveller visited Kochi in 1413 and Calicut in 1421?
Ans. Ma Huan

25. Which French traveller visited India six times in between 1638 and 1664?
Ans. Jean Baptiste Travernier

26. Name the Italian traveller who visited the court of Shah Jahan during 1630-34 ?
Ans. Peter Mundi

27. Name the British diplomat who visited the court of Jahangir during the period of 1615-19 ?
Ans. Thomas Roe

28. Who wrote ‘Journal of the Mission to the Mugal Empire’ ?
Ans. Thomas Roe

29. Which English traveller is widely known as ‘England’s Pioneer to India‘?
Ans. Ralph Fitch

30. Who was the first Indian to visit England?
Ans. Rajaram Mohan Roy

31. Who sent Rajaram Mohan Roy as his ambassador to England?
Ans. Mughal King Akbar II

32. Who was the first American President to visit India?
Ans. Dwight Eisenhower

33. How many US Presidents have visited India so far?
Ans. Six

34. Who was the second American President to visit India ?
Ans. Richard Nixon

35. Who was the first British Prime Minister to visit India?
Ans. Harold Macmillan

36. Who was the first Chinese President to visit India?
Ans. Jiang Zemin

37. Who was the first Chinese Premier to visit India?
Ans. Chou Enlai

38. Who was the first Pope to visit India?
Ans. Paul VI

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