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Kerala psc Recently Asked Questions

1. ‘One Life is written by:’
Ans. Dr. Christian Bernard
[Secretariat Assistant Preliminary Exam-2004]

2. Budget means:
Ans. Annual Financial Statement
[Store Assistant- 2001]

3. When the days and nights are equal in both the hemispheres of the Earth, it is called:
Ans. Equinox
[Divisional Accountant- 2002]

4. Which Planet of the Solar System spins on its axis at the fastest rate:
Ans. Jupiter
[Excise Inspector-2002]

5. The Fundamental Rights are enshrined in Part ........ of Indian Constitution:
Ans. III
[Assistant Grade II, Beverages Corporation -2009]

6. Indian Research Station in the Arctic is:
Ans. Himadry
[Assistant Salesman Civil Supplies Corporation-2011]

7. Gaandhiyan Saambathika vidhagdhan Aaru?
Ans. Kumarappa
[VEO/Female Warden- 2012]

8. Bhoomiyodu eattavum aduthulla graham:
Ans. Shukran
[Mazdoor, KSEB-2011]

9. Aakaashathu ninnum aakaashathekku prayoagikkavunna indiayude missile:
Ans. Asthra
[Peon/Night Watchman-2011]

10. The identifying number given to the Income Tax payers by the Department is:
Ans. PAN (Permanent Account Number)
[Assistant Salesman, Civil Supplies Corpn -2011]

11. National Waterway Number-3 Connects:
Ans. Kottappuram- Kollam
[Assistant Grade-2/ Junior Assistant, Company/ Corporation- 2011]

12. The official language of Nagaland:
Ans. English
[Sr. Superintendent, Panchayat-2007]

13. During the British Rule, which river in Kerala was nicknamed as ‘English Channel’?
Ans. Mahe River
[Secretariat Assistant. Prelims-2007]

14. Who was the first Indian to become a member of the British Parliament?
Ans. Dadabhai Naoroji
[VEO/Lady VEO-2007]

15. ‘Jatakas’ are the sacred book of:
Ans. Buddhists
[Lab Assistant-2007]

16. Kalahari Desert is in:
Ans. Africa
[Assistant Jailor Grade II-2007]

17. Who was the Congress President when India attained independence?
Ans. J.B Kripalani
[Junior Lab Assistant-2006]

18. In which year the University of Kerala was established?
Ans. 1937
[Lab Assistant-2006]

19. The Last Supper is a painting by:
Ans. Leonardo da Vinci
[Assistant Salesman-2006]

20. The famous ‘Gayathri Manthram’ is in:
Ans. Rig Veda
[Male Warder, Jail-2006]

21. A musician of Kerala, who could sing in all the six-beating times was:
Ans. Govinda Marar
[Assistant Grade 2-2006]

22. Rourkela Steel Plant is located in:
Ans. Orissa
[Lab. Assistant. HSE-2006]

23. The currency of France is:
Ans. Euro
[Police Constable, Armed Battalion-2006]

24. The free operating system Linux was developed by:
Ans. Linus Torvalds
[Forest Guard, Kannur-2006]

25. The sun’s energy is produced by:
Ans. Nuclear fusion
[Agricultural. Assistant Grade 2-2005]

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