Secretariat Assistant

General Knowledge Questions

General Knowledge Questions and answers for those who preparing for Kerala psc Secretariat Assistant, Company, Corporation Assistant examinations.

1. Who is the father of Indian Archaeology?
Ans. Alexander Cunningham

2. Which weapon never used by the Indus People?
Ans. Sword

3. What is the method used to calculate the number of cows in Vedic period?
Ans. Ashtakarni

4. Who was the first Turkish conqueror of North India?
Ans. Mahmud Ghazni

5. The author of Sangam work ‘Manimekhalai’ was?
Ans. Sathanar

6. The Laksham Veedu Scheme was started by?
Ans. M.N Govindan Nair

7. The first women member in Indian Parliament from Kerala was?
Ans. Annie Maskreen

8. Ginger Research Institute is situated at?
Ans. Ambalavayal (Wayanadu)

9. Which state is known as ‘The Spice Garden of India’?
Ans. Kerala

10. The first Central Cabinet Minister from Kerala was?
Ans. Dr. John Mathai

11. Which river in Kerala was known as Churni in the ancient times?
Ans. Periyar

12. The first Keralite to be nominated to the Rajya Sabha was?
Ans. Sardar K.M. Panicker

13. Who gave the message ‘No Caste, No Religion, No God for Man’?
Ans. Sahodaran Ayyappan

14. The Kurichiya Revolt was in the year?
Ans. 1812

15. Who was the author of ‘Keralappazhama’?
Ans. Herman Gundert

16. Alleppey was developed into a town and port by?
Ans. Raja Kesava Das

17. The pH of Human blood is………?
Ans. 7.40

18. The metal present in the Hemoglobin is:
Ans. Iron

19. The chemical used in the blood banks to prevent blood cotting is:
Ans. Sodium Citrate

20. The second session of the Indian National Congress was held at:
Ans. Kolkata

21. In which war was Napolean defeated?
Ans. Battle of Waterloo (June 18, 1815)

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