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Secretariat Assistant | Company, Corporation Assistant | Combined Graduate Level Examination Coaching


1. Fermionic condensate is ......... th form of matter:
Ans. 6

2. Super cooled Fermi gas is form of matter:
Ans. 7

3. Who discovered Dopper Effect ?
(a)Christian Dopper
(d)Franc Whittle
Ans. Christian Dopper

4. Amount of matter is measured in:
Ans. Mole

5. NASA sent Phoenix mission to:
Ans. Mars

6. Instrument used in submarines to view the surface of water:
Ans. Periscope

7. The process of water becoming vapour is:
Ans. Evaporation

8. The instrument that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy:
Ans. Dynamo

9. In an electric motor electrical energy is mainly converted to :
(a)Chemical energy
(b)Mechanical energy
(c)Magnetic energy
(d)Potential energy
Ans. Mechanical energy

10. What will be the weight of a man on Moon, if he has 60 kg weight on Earth?
(a)12 kg
(b)6 kg
(c)10 kg
(d)20 kg
Ans. 10 kg

11. Which color can absorb the maximum amount of heat?
Ans. Black

12. The glass used for making lens:
(a)Safety glass
(b)Water glass
(c)Flint glass
(d)None of these
Ans. Flint glass

13. Lens used in camera:
(d)None of these
Ans. Convex

14. The bomb dropped in Hiroshima:
(b)Enola Gay
(d)Little Boy
Ans. Little Boy

15. The bomb named Fatman was dropped in:
Ans. Nagsaki


1. Which sodium salt used for bleaching:
Ans. Sodium peroxide

2. The product obtained when gypsum is heated in 125 degree celcius:
Ans. Plaster of Paris

3. The chemical used to make ink:
Ans. Ferrous sulfate

4. Soil has red colour due to the presence of:
Ans. Iron oxide

5. Dihydrogen oxide is the chemical name of:
Ans. Water

6. Water in which soap does not lather:
Ans. Hard water

7. The hydrocarbon used for dry cleaning:
Ans. Benzene

8. Chemical name of Toluene:
Ans. Methyl Benzene

9. The most abundant aluminium mineral:
Ans. Clay

10. The common constituent of sleeping pills:
Ans. Barbiturates

11. Who discovered Ammonia gas:
Ans. Joseph Priestly

12. Which gas is responsible for the fading of colour of Taj Mahal:
Ans. Sulphur dioxide

13. The gas formed when toddy became sour:
Ans. Co2

14. The gas used by water authority to purify water:
Ans. Chlorine

15. The number of Oxygen atoms in an Ozone molecule:
Ans. 3

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