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Question Bank for: Combined Graduate Level | KPSC Company/ Corporation, Secretariat Assistant | IBPS | SBI | Bank PO | RRB | SSC | PSC | UPSC | Civil Service Examinations


1. Fermionic condensate is ......... th form of matter:
Ans. 6

2. Super cooled Fermi gas is ......... th form of matter:
Ans. 7

3. Who discovered Dopper Effect ?
(a)Christian Dopper
(d)Franc Whittle
Ans. Christian Dopper

4. Amount of matter is measured in:
Ans. Mole

5. NASA sent Phoenix mission to:
Ans. Mars

6. Instrument used in submarines to view the surface of water:
Ans. Periscope

7. The process of water becoming vapour is:
Ans. Evaporation

8. The instrument that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy:
Ans. Dynamo

9. In an electric motor electrical energy is mainly converted to :
(a)Chemical energy
(b)Mechanical energy
(c)Magnetic energy
(d)Potential energy
Ans. Mechanical energy

10. What will be the weight of a man on Moon, if he has 60 kg weight on Earth?
(a)12 kg
(b)6 kg
(c)10 kg
(d)20 kg
Ans. 10 kg

11. Which color can absorb the maximum amount of heat?
Ans. Black

12. The glass used for making lens:
(a)Safety glass
(b)Water glass
(c)Flint glass
(d)None of these
Ans. Flint glass

13. Lens used in camera:
(d)None of these
Ans. Convex

14. The bomb dropped in Hiroshima:
(b)Enola Gay
(d)Little Boy
Ans. Little Boy

15. The bomb named Fatman was dropped in:
Ans. Nagsaki


1. The sodium salt used for bleaching:
Ans. Sodium peroxide

2. The product obtained when gypsum is heated in 125 degree celcius:
Ans. Plaster of Paris

3. The chemical used to make ink:
Ans. Ferrous sulfate

4. Soil has red colour due to the presence of:
Ans. Iron oxide

5. Dihydrogen oxide is the chemical name of:
Ans. Water

6. Water in which soap does not lather:
Ans. Hard water

7. The hydrocarbon used for dry cleaning:
Ans. Benzene

8. Chemical name of Toluene:
Ans. Methyl Benzene

9. The most abundant aluminium mineral:
Ans. Clay

10. The common constituent of sleeping pills:
Ans. Barbiturates

11. Who discovered Ammonia gas:
Ans. Joseph Priestly

12. Which gas is responsible for the fading of colour of Taj Mahal:
Ans. Sulphur dioxide

13. The gas formed when toddy became sour:
Ans. Co2

14. The gas used by water authority to purify water:
Ans. Chlorine

15. The number of Oxygen atoms in an Ozone molecule:
Ans. 3


1. Which plant is called “the golden leaf of India”?
Ans. Tobacco

2. Coco de mer has the largest ........
Ans. Seed

3. The pigment that imparts red colour to ripened tomato?
Ans. Lycopene

4. A plant with underground fruit:
Ans. Ground nut

5. The tallest flowering plant?
Ans. Eucalyptus

6. Which plant is the richest source of plant proteins (60%):
Ans. Spirulina

7. Cassia fistula is called:
Ans. Golden Shower tree

8. The slowest growing plant:
Ans. Saguaro

9. Which is the seeded plant that reproduces in the fastest rate?
Ans. Wolffina

10. Which substance gives gooseberry its bitter state?
Ans. Ascorbic acid

11. Which is called ‘Wonder Nut’?
Ans. Cashew Nut

12. Which is the only edible orchid?
Ans. Vanilla

13. Which enzyme in Pineapple enhances digestion?
Ans. Bromelain

14. Which plant is called ‘the mother of herbs’?
Ans. Coleus aromaticus

15. Which plant has the largest unbranched inflorescence:
Ans. Amorphophallus titanum


1. Which disease is identified by Benedict’s test?
Ans. Diabetes

2. Carcinoma is the cancer of:
Ans. Skin

3. What is known as ‘Gull’s disease’?
Ans. Myxodema

4. The desease in which RBCs are seen in the shape of sickle:
Ans. Sickle Cell Anaemia

5. Disease caused by Treponema palledium:

6. The first disease that was eradicated from Earth through vaccination:
Ans. Small pox

7. Anti-Pellagra vitamin:
Ans. Niacin

8. Diabetis Insipidus is caused by the deficiency of the hormone:
Ans. Vasopressin

9. Which one of the following is a mental disorder:
(d)Hanson’s disease
Ans. Schiezophernia

10. Polio Myelitus is caused by:
Ans. Entero virus

11. Common cold is caused by:
Ans. Rhino virus

12. Small pox is caused by:
Ans. Variola virus

13. Dengue Fever is caused by:
Ans. Arbo virus

14. The disease caused by Yersinia pestis:
Ans. Plague

15. Gonorrhoea is caused by:
Ans. Neisseria gonorrhoea

World Geography

1. Venus is the goddess of ………. in Roman mythology?
Ans. Love and Beauty

2. The Greek equivalent of Venus:
Ans. Aphrodite

3. Which planet is known as ‘evening star’?
Ans. Venus

4. The nearest celestial body to earth?
Ans. Moon

5. Which is the most abundant gas in the atmospherre of Venus?
Ans. Carbon Dioxide

6. Which planet is experienced the highest temperature variation?
Ans. Mercury

7. Which planet has the lowest excape velocity?
Ans. Mercury

8. Which planet has the highest excape velocity?
Ans. Jupiter

9. NASA sent Messenger in 2004 to study about:
Ans. Mercury

10. The Messenger in Roman myhtology:
Ans. Mercury

11. The Greek equivalent of Mercury:
Ans. Hermes

12. The time taken by Mercury to complete one revolution is ……… earth days.
Ans. 88

13. Which planet is known as ‘Morning star’?
Ans. Venus

14. Which planet has the most circular orbit?
Ans. Venus

15. Which planet has the least circular orbit?
Ans. Mercury

Countries and Facts

1. The capital of Pakistan when it formed in 1947:
Ans. Karachi

2. Pakistan became an Islamic Republic in:
Ans. 1956

3. Muslim Leaugue adopted the Lahore Declaration regarding the formation of Pakistan in:
Ans. 1940

4. National Anthem of Pakistan:
Ans. Qaumi Tarana

5. Holy land is the nick name of:
Ans. Palestine

6. Antara is the news agency of:
Ans. Indonesia

7. Panama Canal is completed in:
Ans. 1914

8. The largest catholic population in Asia is in:
Ans. Philippines

9. The Archaelogical site Machu Pichu is in:
Ans. Jordan

10. BOSS is the security agency of:
Ans. South Africa

11. P.L.O was formed in:
Ans. 1964

12. Luzon island is a part of:
Ans. Philippines

Indian States

1. In which area does the Sabarmati rise?
Ans. Aravallis

2. Which area in India gets the summer monsoon first?
Ans. The Western Ghats

3. Which river flows between the Satpuras and the Vindhyas?
Ans. Narmada

4. In which month the temperature highest in South India?
Ans. April

5. Which is the southernmost unit of India?
Ans. Great Nicobar

6. From which River has the Rajastan Canal (Indira Gandhi Canal) been taken out?
Ans. Sutlej

7. Which area in India receives least rainfall?
Ans. Eastern Rajastan

8. Which River has been harnessed under the Bhakra Nangal Project?
Ans. Sutlej

Who is Who

1. Samuel Langerhorne Clemens is better known as:
Ans. Mark Twain

2. The nationality of father Damien who dedicated his life for the welfare of leprocy patients in Molokai Hawai:
Ans. Belgium

3. Who authored “The Aenid”?
Ans. Virgil

4. The Italian poet who authored “Divine Comedy”:
Ans. Dante

5. The first leader of Russia ever to be chosen by popular vote:
Ans. Boris Yeltsin

6. The author of ‘Robinson Crusoe’:
Ans. Daniel Defoe

7. Who wrote “The Faerie Queene”?
Ans. Edmund Spenser

8. The nationality of Rene Descartes, the famous Mathematician:
Ans. France

9. The Mexican poet who acted as the ambassador to India and wrote ‘Labyrinth of Solitude’:
Ans. Octavio Paz

10. The author of ‘David Copperfield’ and ‘Oliver Twist’:
Ans. Charles Dickens

11. Who discovered Short hand?
Ans. Isac Pitman

12. Who authored the famous tale “The Tortoise and Hare”?
Ans. Aesop

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