Police Constable Exam gk

Model Questions and answers for PSC Police Constable Examination.

1. A foreign-born person who has not qualified as a citizen of the country:
Ans. Alien

2. Charles Sobharaj was born in:
Ans. Vietnam

3. Formal written charge that a person has committed a criminal offense.
(d)None of these
Ans. Complaint

4. General pardon given to offenders:
(c)Court Martial
Ans. Amnesty

5. Persons or business that cannot pay their debts:
Ans. Bankrupt

6. The exponents of Indian Penal Code:
(a)Indian Law Commission
(b)Constituent Assembly
(c)Cabinet Mission
(d)None of these
Ans. Indian Law Commission

7. The external intelligence agency of India:
Ans. RAW

8. Proclammation of emergency due to break down of constitutional machinery has to be approved by Parliament within ..........
(a)One month
(b)Two months
(c)Three months
(d)Six months
Ans. Two months

9. Child Marriage Restriction Act was passed in:
Ans. 1929

10. In which Article of the Constitution Fundamental Duties are mentioned?
Ans. 51A

11. In which case did the Supreme Court rule that Parliament had the right to amend any of the Fundamental Rights?
(a)Keshavananda Bharati
(b)SR Bommai
(d)None of these
Ans. Keshavananda Bharati

12. A judgement of guilt against a criminal defendant.
(d)None of these
Ans. Conviction

13. KGB was the intelligence organisation of:
(a)Soviet Union
(c)South Korea
Ans. Soviet Union

14. Lakshadweep comes under the jurisdiction of .......... High Court:
(d)None of these
Ans. Kerala

15. A order issued by a court asking a person to appear before it is called:
Ans. Summons

16. Books banned by the Government are know as:
(a)Black Books
(b)Green Books
(c)Red Books
(d)Yellow Books
Ans. Red Books

17. The body formed in 1985 which is entrusted with the duty of protection of Prime Minister?
(a)SPG (Special Protection Group)
Ans. SPG (Special Protection Group)

18. The Borstal School under the Jail Department is at:
Ans. Thrikkakkara

19. The first women police station in India was strated at:
Ans. Kozhikode

20. The force formed by central govt. to curb Nexallite activities:

21. The full form of C.I.D is:
(a)Criminal Information Department
(b)Criminal Identification Department
(c)Criminal Investigation Department
(d)Criminal Interrogation Department
Ans. Criminal Investigation Department

22. The IPS Cadre is controlled by:
(b)Prime Minister
(c)Defence Minister
(d)Home Minister of Govt. of India
Ans. Home Minister of Govt. of India

23. The Judicial System of India is influenced by:
Ans. USA

24. The reduction of a sentence, as from death to life imprisonment.
Ans. Commutation

25. The responsibility of national defence rests with:
(a)The President
(b)The Prime Minister
(c)The Cabinet
(d)The Defence Minister
Ans. The Cabinet

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