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1. Which plant is called “the golden leaf of India”?
Ans. Tobacco

2. Coco de mer has the largest ............
Ans. Seed

3. The pigment that imparts red colour to ripened tomato?
Ans. Lycopene

4. A plant with underground fruit:
Ans. Ground nut

5. The tallest flowering plant?
Ans. Eucalyptus

6. Which plant is the richest source of plant proteins (60%):
Ans. Spirulina

7. Cassia fistula is called:
Ans. Golden Shower tree

8. The slowest growing plant:
Ans. Saguaro

9. Which is the seeded plant that reproduces in the fastest rate?
Ans. Wolffina

10. Which substance gives gooseberry its bitter state?
Ans. Ascorbic acid

11. Which is called ‘Wonder Nut’?
Ans. Cashew Nut

12. Which is the only edible orchid?
Ans. Vanilla

13. Which enzyme in Pineapple enhances digestion?
Ans. Bromelain

14. Which plant is called ‘the mother of herbs’?
Ans. Coleus aromatics

15. Which plant has the largest unbranched inflorescence:
Ans. Amorphophallus titanum


1. Which disease is identified by Benedict’s test?
Ans. Diabetes

2. Carcinoma is the cancer of:
Ans. Skin

3. What is known as ‘Gull’s disease’?
Ans. Myxodema

4. The desease in which RBCs are seen in the shape of sickle:
Ans. Sickle Cell Anaemia

5. Disease caused by Treponema palledium:

6. The first disease that was eradicated from Earth through vaccination:
Ans. Small pox

7. Anti-Pellagra vitamin:
Ans. Niacin

8. Diabetis Insipidus is caused by the deficiency of the hormone:
Ans. Vasopressin

9. Which one of the following is a mental disorder:
(d)Hanson’s disease
Ans. Schiezophernia

10. Polio Myelitus is caused by:
Ans. Entero virus

11. Common cold is caused by:
Ans. Rhino virus

12. Small pox is caused by:
Ans. Variola virus

13. Dengue Fever is caused by:
Ans. Arbo virus

14. The disease caused by Yersinia pestis:
Ans. Plague

15. Gonorrhoea is caused by:
Ans. Neisseria gonorrhoea

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