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General Knowledge Questions and Answers for:
PSC Company/ Corporation, Secretariat Assistant | IBPS | SBI | Bank PO | RRB | SSC | PSC | UPSC | Civil Service Examinations.

1. Who was the first Indian to win Nobel prize?
Ans. Rabindranath Tagore

2. Who has written the book ‘My Experiments with Truth’?
Ans. M.K. Gandhi

3. The border line between India and China is known as:
Ans.Mc Mahon Line

4. Which was the first talkie film?
(a)Baiju Bawra
(c)Alam Ara
(d)Rama Harishchandra
Ans. Alam Ara

5. What is the name of first super computer made in India?

6. Thermometer was invented by:
Ans. Galileo Galilei

7. Birju Maharaj is a famous .......... Dancer.
(a)Bharat Natyam
Ans. Kathak

8. Major R.S Rathore won a silver medal in the 2004 Olympics in .......... event.
Ans. Shooting

9. The number of members in the Legislative Assembly of Karnataka is:
Ans. 225

10. The number of districts in Karnataka is:
Ans. 27

11. The state which contributes about 70% of the India’s coffee and silk is:
Ans. Karnataka

12. The price of Meghdoot post card is:
Ans. Rs. 0.25

13. Which country is having the largest number of post offices in the world?
Ans. India

14. What is the National Flower of India?
Ans. Lotus

15. Vande Mataram was composed by:
Ans. Bankim Chandra Chattarjee

16. Which is the most widely grown fruit in India?
Ans. Mango

17. What is the name of India’s first satellite?
Ans. Aryabatta

18. What are the hills surrounding Nainital known as:
Ans. Kumaon Hills

19. When something burns, which gas is used up?
Ans. Oxygen

20. The headquarters of South Western Railway is located at:
Ans. Hubli

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