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Country Facts

1. Who was the founder of Pakistan ?
Ans. Muhammad Ali Jinnah

2. Jatiyo Sangshad is the Parliament of:
Ans. Bangladesh

3. Dhivehi is the official language of:
Ans. Maldives

4. La Marseillaise is the National Anthem of:
Ans. France

5. The People’s republic of China was established in the year:
Ans. 1949

6. Which country occupy the unique position as the fifth largest country in terms of both area and population ?
Ans. Brazil

7. National Congress is the Parliament of:
Ans. Brazil

8. National Congress is the Parliament of:
Ans. Brazil

9. The second largest country in the world is:
Ans. Canada

10. The capital of Australia is:
Ans. Canberra

11. Maori is one of the official language of:
Ans. New Zealand

12. Which contry has the largest Muslim population in the world ?
Ans. Indonesia

13. The largest archipelago in the world is:
Ans. Indonesia

14. The Bayamo Song is the National Anthem of:
Ans. Cuba

15. Which country in the world is the largest by terms of area and forest cover?
Ans. Russia

16. The American independence was declared in the year:
Ans. 4th July, 1776

17. The world’s largest national economy is that of:
Ans. USA

18. ‘Sayaun Thunga Phool Ka’ is the National Anthem of ........?
Ans. Nepal

19. The highest building in the world Burj Khalifa is situated at:
Ans. Dubai (UAE)

20. Sea Land was the old name of:
Ans. Denmark

21. The largest Parliament in the world is:
Ans. National People’s Congress (China)

22. Diet is the Parliament of ...........?
Ans. Japan

23. Which country has the oldest National flag?
Ans. Denmark

24. The Chairman of ISRO is:
Ans. Dr. K. Radhakrishnan

25. Where is the headquarters of the ISRO?
Ans. Bangalore

26. The commercial wing of the ISRO is:
Ans. Antrix Corporation Limited

27. Which Indian bank has largest number of branches?
Ans. State Bank of India

28. National Day for the Girl Child is observed on:
Ans. January 24

29. Which Committee inquired about the Mumbai terrorist attack of 2008?
Ans. Ram Pradhan Committee

30. Who is the author of ‘My Music, My Life’ ?
Ans. Pandit Ravi Shankar

31. National Investigation Agency came into being on ..........?
Ans. January 1, 2009

32. Who was the project director of Agni-5 Missile Project?
Ans. Tessy Thomas

33. Who is the Deputy Speaker in the Lok Sabha?
Ans. Karia Munda

34. Which city is known as the ‘Industrial Capital of India’?
Ans. Mumbai

35. Who was the author of Rajatarangini?
Ans. Kalhana

36. The number of Classical Languages of India is:
Ans. 4

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