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Overview of United Nations Organization (UNO). This will help you to answer questions related to United Nations Organization in any exam. Questions and answers related to UNO.

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United Nations Organization

• Where is the headquarters of UNO?
New York, USA

• On which date UN charter was signed?
26th June,1945

• United Nations came into existence from which date?
24th October,1946

• How many countries are member to United Nations?
193 countries

• What are the aims of United Nations?
International Security
World Peace
Economic Development
Cooperation in International Law
Human Rights
Social Progress

• What was replaced by United Nations Organization?
League of Nations

• How many languages has been named official by United Nations?
Six languages (English,Chinese,French, Spanish,Arabic and Russian)

• How many Principal Organs does United Nations has?
1) The General Assembly
2) The Security Council
3) The Economic and Social Council
4) The Secretariat
5) The International Court of Justice
6) The United Nations Trusteeship Council

• Which is the top post in United Nations?
Secretary General

• Where did the first General Assembly meeting held?
Westminster Central Hall,London

• Who gave the name as United Nations for the this organization?
Franklin D Roosevelt

• Who is the current UN Secretary General?
Ban ki-moon

• Who is the current Deputy Secretary General?
Asha Rose Migiro

• Who is the current General Assembly President?
Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser

• Who is the present Security Council President?
Susan Rice

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