PC Selection Questions

PSC Exam Preparation questions for Police Constable (PC) Selection and Assistant Grade Exam.

1. Who was the first Chief Minister of Kerala?
Ans. E.M. Sankaran Namboothirippad

2. The first News Paper in Kerala:
Ans. Rajyasamacharam

3. Home Rule Movement was started by:
Ans. Bal Gangadhar Tilak

4. The writer known by the pen name ‘Sanjayan’:
Ans. M.R Nair (Manikoth Ramunni Nair)

5. The place where the first Indian University was started?
Ans. Kolkata

6. Which country is known as Nippon?
Ans. Japan

7. The first cine actress to win Padma Shree Award is:
Ans. Nargis

8. The largest producer of Gold in the world:
Ans. China

9. Name the 28th State of the Indian Union:
Ans. Jharkhand

10. The filament of an electric bulb is made up of:
Ans. Tungsten

11. Angel, the highest waterfall is in:
Ans. Venezuela

12. In which year did the Simla Conference between India and Pakistan take place?
Ans. 1972

13. ‘India Wins Freedom’ is from the pen of:
Ans. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

14. Who was the first Indian to enter the Indian Civil Service?
Ans. Sathyendra Nath Tagore

15. Bharathappuzha originates from:
Ans. Anamala

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