PSC Selected Questions

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Selected questions including repeated questions from various PSC examinations.

1. Which disease is known as Hansens disease ?
Ans. Leprosy

2. Study about flags is known as:
Ans. Vexillology

3. From which the words ‘Satyameva Jayate’ inscribed in our national emblem taken?
Ans. Mundaka Upanishad

4. In which year was the Mughal dynasty in India founded ?
Ans. 1526

5. Where was the first session of Indian National Congress held ?
Ans. Bombay

6. Who became the acting Prime Minister after the death of Jawaharlal Nehru in 1964 ?
Ans. Gulzarilal Nanda

7. First Viceroy of India is:
Ans. Lord Canning

8. Where is the First Post Office in Kerala:
Ans. Alappuzha

9. Silver revolution is related with:
Ans. Production of Eggs

10. Year in which first Nationalisation of banks took place in India:
Ans. 1969

11. Headquarters of ADB located at:
Ans. Manila

12. Number of languages included in the 8th Schedule of Indian Constitution ?
Ans. Twenty two languages

13. Which star is known as Evening Star ?
Ans. Venus

14. Who is the first Education Minister of India ?
Ans. Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad

15. World water day is on:
Ans. July 22

16. Whose pen name is Mali ?
Ans. V.Madhavan Nair

17. Optic fibers are mainly used for:
Ans. Communication

18. The first war of independence began on 10th May, 1857 at:
Ans. Meerut

19. The partition of Bengal took place in:
Ans. 1905

20. The Indian National Congress was founded by:
Ans. AO Hume

21. Which line separates Afghanistan from India ?
Ans. Durand Line

22. Which article of the Constitution is associated with Jammu & Kashmir ?
Ans. 370

23. First Indian who won Magsaysay award:
Ans. Acharya Vinoba bhave

24. Which city is known as Silicon Valley of India ?
Ans. Bangalore

25. ‘A Passage to England’ was written by:
Ans. Nirad C.Choudhari

26. New symbol [`] for Indian Currency was designed by:
Ans. Udayakumar

27. Author of the novel ‘Trikkottoor Peruma’:
Ans. U.A. Khader

28. Who is the inventor of the Telegraphic code ?
Ans. Samuel Morse

29. Who is the creator of the fictional character ‘Sherlock Holmes’?
Ans. Arthur Conan Doyle

30. Which gas is used to extinguish fire?
Ans. Carbon dioxide

31. What is the chemical symbol for gold?
Ans. Au

32. The study of old age, its phenomena and disease is known as:
Ans. Gerontology

33. The Parliament of Japan is known as:
Ans. Diet

34. Time required for singing National anthem of India is:
Ans. 52 Seconds

35. Study about coins is known as:
Ans. Numismatics

36. Which is India’s Aquatic animal ?
Ans. Ganga Dolphin

37. Whose Auto Biography is called ‘The Story of my Life’ ?
Ans. Helen Keller

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