Police Constable Exam

Model Questions for Police Constable | Confidential Assistant Grade II | Junior Clerk | Lower Division Clerk Exams


1. The term ‘light year’ is a unit employed in measuring:
Ans. Distance

2. Which type of mirror is used as a ‘rear-view’ mirror in vehicles?
Ans. Convex

3. Polio is caused by:
Ans. Virus

4. The main controlling centre of the cell is:
Ans. Nucleus

5. Genetics is the study of:
Ans. Mechanisms of inheritance

6. What is the main componenet of bones and teeth?
Ans. Calcium Phosphate

7. At the equator the duration of a day is:
Ans. 12 hrs

8. Two of the planets of our Solar System have no satellites. Which are those planets?
Ans. Mercury and Venus

9. The polar radius of our earth is nearly ......... km?
Ans. 6357 km

10. Which type of soil is favoured for extensive cultivation of cotton?
Ans. Black soil

11. Dialysis is the treatment given to a patient suffering from:
Ans. Kidney problem

12. The particular date on which the sun remains at the shortest distance from the earth
Ans. 21st March

13. Ponds look shallower because of:
Ans. Refraction

14. Psephology is a:
Ans. Statistical study of elections, voting etc.

15. The gland of the body responsible for secreting insulin
Ans. Pancreas

16. Ornithology means that branch of science that deals with the study of:
Ans. Birds

17. The instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure:
Ans. Barometer

18. Seismograph is used to measure:
Ans. Earthquake

19. Maximum wheat producing state in India is:
Ans. Uttar pradesh

20. The quantity of water content in human body is:
Ans. 65%

21. The only vein in human body which carries pure blood is:
Ans. Pulmonary vein

22. The functional unit of the kidney is:
Ans. Nephron

23. Which bird sanctuary in Kerala was formerly known as Baker’s Estate?
Ans. Kumarakom

24. To make rubber strong and bounceable, we add:
Ans. Sulphur

25. The seat of memory in the human brain is located in the:
Ans. Cerebrum

26. The recently established peacock sanctuary in Kerala:
Ans. Choolannur

27. Which organism is called the ‘slipper animalcule’ ?
Ans. Paramecium

28. Bending of stem towards light is due to:
Ans. Phototropism

29. Plants that grow in saline soil are called:
Ans. Halophytes

30. Preen gland is found in:
Ans. Birds

31. Saurology is the study of:
Ans. Lizards

32. The technique of DNA finger printing was invented by:
Ans. Alec Jeffreys

33. Blood pressure controlled by:
Ans. Adrenal gland

34. In bees, dance is meant for:
Ans. Communication

35. The primary producers in nature:
Ans. Plants


1. Olympic Games are organised after a gap of every ......... years.
Ans. 4

2. Merdeka Cup is associated with ?
Ans. Football

3. Indian Sports Research Institute is located at :
Ans. Patiala

4. How many squares are there in a Chess Board ?
Ans. 64

5. The Olympic Games 2012 will held in:
Ans. London

6. With which game is the Libero associated ?
Ans. Volley Ball

7. In cricket the length of pitch between the two wickets is ......... Yards ?
Ans. 22

8. Who is the first Indian to score a triple century in Tests?
Ans, Virender Sehwag

9. National Cricket Academy is located at:
Ans. Bangalore

10. Who is the first cricketer to score a century in all test playing nations?
Ans. Rahul Dravid


1. What is the compound interest on Rs. 6000 at 5% p.a for 2 years ?
Ans. 615

2. (x-a) (x-b) (x-c) ......... (x-z) = ?
Ans. 0

Soln. (x-a) (x-b) (x-c) ....... (x-z)
= (x-a) (x-b) (x-c) ....... (x-x)....... (x-z)
= (x-a) (x-b) (x-c) ....... (0)....... (x-z) = 0

3. If the side of a square is decreased by 50% its area is decreased by:
Ans. 75%

4. When a number is divided by 7, the quotient is 19. What is the number?
Ans. 133

Soln. Given that A/7 = 19
Then A = 19x7 = 133

5. The number of boys and girls in a school are 470 and 564. What is the ratio of the number of boys to girls ?
Ans. 5:6

Soln. Eliminating the Common Factors of 470 and 564
470:564 = 2x(235:282) = 2x47x(5:6)
So the ratio is 5:6

6. A man running at a speed of 15 km/hr, crosses a bridge in 3 minutes. What is the length of the bridge?
Ans. 750 metres

7. The side of a cube is increased by 100%. Its volume is increased by:
Ans. 800%

8. 314 cm long wire is used to make a circular ring. What will be the radius of the circular ring ?
Ans. 50 cm

Soln. The wire is 314 cm in length, that means the perimeter of the resultant circular ring is 314 cm.
2 x pi x r= 314
2 x 3.14 x r =314
r= 314/ (2x3.14) = 100/2 =50

9. 25 men can do a piece of work in 20 days. How many men will be required to finish the same work in 5 days ?
Ans. 100

Soln. Let one man finishes a unit of work in one day, So 25 men finish 25 units of work in one day, 25 men finish 25x20 units of work in 20 dyas to finish the same work in 5 days the required number of men
= (25x20) / 5 = 5x20 = 100

10. A sum of money doubles itself in 5 years. The number of years, it would trebles itself is:
Ans. 10 years

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