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Current affairs | gk questions and answers for all  competitive exams

1. Gagan Narang whose name has been recommended for ‘Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award’ is a famous:
Ans. Air Rifle Shooter

2. Tummalapally in Andhra Pradesh has recently came on the world map for its lasgest ..........
Ans. Uranium deposits

3. As per the provisional result of the 2011 cenus, the density of population in India is .......... /sq km.
Ans. 382

4. Which country won its 6th SAFF Fotball Championship Title after defeating Afghanistan.
Ans. India

5. Which Colombian film bagged Golden Peacock Award in Goa International Film Festival 2011?
Ans. Por Firio

6. Who is the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India at present?
Ans. Vinod Rai

7. Which is the currency of Israel?
Ans. Shekel

8. Vakkam Purushothaman is the present Governor of:
Ans. Mizoram

9. Dmitry Medvedev is the present president of:
Ans. Russia

10. National Mathematical Day is observed on:
Ans. 9th November

11. Which type of soil is called Cotton Soil as it is good for growing cotton?
Ans. Regur Soil

12. Mario Miranda was associated with the field of:
Ans. Cartoon

13. Thomas Transtromer who got Nobel Prize in Literature writes in which language?
Ans. Swedish

14. Which is the Capital of South Sudan?
Ans. Juba

15. Which country won the Asian Champions Trophy in Hockey, the final of which was played in September 2011?
Ans. India

16. As per Indian Constitution the Right to property is a .......... right
Ans. Legal Right

17. Who is the Chairman of Planning Commission?
Ans. Prime Minister

18. 2011 U.N Climate conference held in:
Ans. Durban

19. Who invented Mobile Phone?
Ans. Martin Coopper

20. Who won the 2012 Australian Open Men’s singles title?
Ans. Novock Djokovic

21. ‘Juno’ is the name of NASA’s mission to:
Ans. Jupiter

22. Brass is made of:
Ans. Copper and Zinc

23. The Novel “The Sense of An Ending” which won the Man Booker Prize 2011 is authored by:
Ans. Julian Barnes

24. ‘Prince of Pilgrims’ was the name attributed to:
Ans. Hun-T Sang

25. Which is the best known bird sanctuary in Rajastan?
Ans. Khana

26. Who has been appointed as the new Prime Minister of Egypt?
Ans. Kamal Al Ganzouri

27. The Head Quarters of ADB is in:
Ans. Manila

28. Who is the present Minister of Aviation?
Ans. Ajith Sing

29. Nancy Powell has been appointed as U.S Ambassador in:
Ans. India

30. Sardar Sarovar Dam is built across which river?
Ans. Narmada

31. Who is the President of the World Bank at present?
Ans. Robert Zoellick

32. Which country is the largest producer of silk in the world?
Ans. China

33. Dilma Rousseff is the first woman President of:
Ans. Brazil

34. Kerala Forest Academy is in:
Ans. Arippa

35. Who was the Miss Universe 2011:
Ans. Leila Lopez

36. The Parliament of Iceland is called:
Ans. Althing

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