Banking Awareness Questions for Bank PO and Clerk

Banking Awareness Questions for IBPS Exam 2012 | Bank Test Expected Questions from Banking Awareness

1. First Governor of RBI was:
(a)Hilton Young
(b)Paul Samuelson
(d)O.A Smith
Ans. (d) O.A Smith

2. At the time of nationalization who was the Governor of RBI:
(a)O.A Smith
(b)J.B Taylor
(c)C.D. Deshmukh
Ans. (c) C.D. Deshmukh

3. The RBI was nationalized in the year:
Ans. (a) 1949

4. The general superintendence and director of the bank is entrusted to central board of directors of:
(a)10 members
(b)20 members
(c)25 members
(d)30 members
Ans. (b) 20 members

5. Paper currencies of our country are issued by RBI under:
(a)Section 22 of the RBI act 1934
(b)Section 24 of the RBI act 1934
(c)Section 28 of the RBI act 1934
(d)None of these
Ans. (a) Section 22 of the RBI act 1934

6. One rupee currency notes bear the signature of:
(b)President of India
(c)Governor of RBI
(d)Finance Secretary of India
Ans. (d) Finance Secretary of India

7. Ten rupees notes bear the signature of:
(b)Finance Minister
(c)Secretary of Ministry of finance
(d)Governor of RBI
Ans. (d) Governor of RBI

8. Which of the following is the banker of the banks:
Ans. (c) RBI

9. In which of the following banks one can’t open a personal account:
(a)Co-Operative Banks
(b)Commercial banks
(c)Regional Rural Banks
Ans. (d) RBI

10. Which of the following banks is the banker to the government:
Ans. (c) RBI

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