How to Prepare for PSC Examinations ?

Tips for PSC Exam Preparation

Time management

Self assessment is an important part in PSC Exam preparation. Practice as many Mock Tests as possible in close to examination environment as possible. Because time management is very important. Don’t try to read the entire question paper first. Try to answer easy questions first with care.

You have to answer for a large number of questions with in a short time. For example as per Kerala PSC exam pattern you will get only less than one minute for answering one question (100 questions to be answered with in one hour and fifteen minutes). The experiences of the author as well as many selected candidates show that you should have 90 or above correct answer out of 100 questions to get a call for interview.


Questions can be asked from every nook and corner of the subject and therefore it is not at all advisable to omit any chapter or area. Because even a single wrong answer could miss your dream job. We are living in an era of tough competition. Unless and until you have a well planned strategy, you will miss the target. Previous question papers show that plenty of questions are asked repeatedly. Candidates Should have a thorough knowledge of all subjects covered for the psc exam.


You can guess if you are able to narrow down the answers to two, otherwise not. Beware of negative marks. Each correct answer carries 1 mark and for each wrong answer 1/3 mark will be deducted in Kerala PSC, no negative marks in UPSC, No negative mark for unattended questions.

During preparation

Avoid heavy oily food just before exam – your brain will concentrate on digestion not on your question paper. Take more vegetables and fresh water – like green leaves, carrots etc. which will decrease your eyestrain and sharpen your memory. Avoid smoking, excess tea and drinks, Many of us have a belief that smoking, black tea etc. will stimulate our brain so that we can able to study for a long time but these will definitely decrease your energy, and you will become tired with in short time. 

Sleep deprivation will result in decreased mental alertness. Many of the students will prepare thoroughly before the exam, but in the night before the exam, they avoid sleep and try to revise the whole topic. This will definitely decrease their mental alertness and they are unable to grasp the questions. So go to bed early in the night before exam.


Plan your studies at least two months prior to exam - this is the most important aspect towards securing a good rank. The plan should ideally be drafted up to two months prior to the date of examination; thereafter a revised schedule might be put into operation. Prepare a simple timetable with sufficient time for each subject. Make notes in a separate paper in abbreviated form (a must). It will considerably shorten the revision time & improve your memory. This proves very useful while revising the textbook also. 

Use different colored pencil or pen for marking tricky confusing questions. Group discussion is also an important factor in preparation. One among you asks questions in haphazard/ rapid manner and others try to answer. This will quicken or sharpen your memory and reflexes. But not conceal any points for fear of others knowing it.

Our memory

We may forget 75% of topics with in first 48 hours. So try to read the same topic 2-3 times with in two or three days, other wise you will not be able to remember majority of the points.

Last moment revision

It pertains to the last three days before the examination. Relax the schedule's bit, try recapitulating the information, and revise the matter which you couldn't recollect. Revise the easily forgettable information like Biochemical values, aphorisms, observations etc. Read the notes you prepared in abbreviated form.


Remember that there is no magic formula for success in an interview. Good preparation, judicious application of common sense and self-confidence are the key factors that will help us in an interview.

Regular assignments

Regular assignments and home works are unavoidable for getting a higher score

Avoid anxiety & jealousy

It is very difficult to comprehend and concentrate if you are over anxious. If you are jealous towards your friend and classmates on competitive exams - it will create turmoil in your brain so you are unable to concentrate.

Make preparation a thrilling Experience

-- wishing you a great success --

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