RRB Nurse Exam

Model Questions for RRB Staff Nurse Exam

1. Fertilization of ovum takes place at:
Ans. Ampulla

2. The most frequent causes of maternal death during child birth:
Ans. Hemorrhage

3. LMP was on 01.09.2009, then EDD is on:
Ans. 08.06.2010

4. Endomatrium after conception is known as:
Ans. Decidua

5. The reagent used for testing urine sugar is:
Ans. Benedict’s reagent

6. Fertilized ovum up to 3-8 weeks is called:
Ans. Embryo

7. Severe vomitting in pregnancy is:
Ans. Hyperemesis gravidarum

8. The hereditary determinants of humans are received from:
Ans. Genes

9. Humans placenta develops at ………….. months of pregnancy
Ans. 3

10. Fusing of sperm and ovum is called:
Ans. Fertilization

11. Injection TT is given to pregnant women to prevent:
Ans. Neonatal tetanus

12. How many pairs of chromosomes in man?
Ans. 23

13. Average births weight of an Indian baby is ………. Kg.
Ans. 3

14. Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy is:
Ans. Eclampsia

15. An infant sits alone momentarily by about ……. month of age.
Ans. 6

16. The ideal pelvis for child bearing is ………. pelvis
Ans. Gynaecoid

17. Abortion is the termination of pregnancy before ………. weeks of pregnancy.
Ans. 28

18. HCG can be detected in blood after conception as early as ………… days
Ans. 9

19. Positive signs of pregnancy is:
Ans. Foetal movement

20. The causes of physiological anaemia in pregnancy is:
Ans. Haemodilution

21. Normal volume of amniotic fluid at term is ……… ml.
Ans. 1000

22. Increased accumulation of cerebro spinal fluid in brain is:
Ans. Hydrocephalys

23. The foetal heart sound can be heard after …….. month of pregnancy.
Ans. 6

24. The average length of umbilical cord is ……… cm.
Ans. 50

25. Human foetus has a coat of hair called:
Ans. Lanugo

26. Hypoglycemia in a baby of diabetic mother is because of:
Ans. Increased insulin

27. Site of fertilization in female reproductory system is:
Ans. Fallopian tube

28. The child has a complete set of deciduous teeth at the age of ……….. years.
Ans. 2

29. Protein requirement for a pregnant woman per day is ……….. grams
Ans. 55

30. Congenital varicella is related with which disease?
Ans. Chicken pox

31. The maximum amount of blood lost during delivery is ……… ml.
Ans. 500

32. The first sign seen in pregnancy is:
Ans. Amenorrhoea

33. The hormone that is injected to pregnant woman at the time of delivery:
Ans. Oxytocin

34. Labour starts with pain and ends with the delivery of:
Ans. Placenta

35. Labour takes place after ………. day of last menstrual period:
Ans. 280

36. A new born baby has ………… bones.
Ans. 300

37. Bartholin gland is found in:
Ans. Vagina

38. Corpus luteum is found in:
Ans. Ovary

39. A child’s heredity is determined at the time of:
Ans. Conception

40. Heart burn refers to an uneasy burning sensation in the:
Ans. Stomach

41. Breast milk production is increased due to:
Ans. Prolactin

42. The brim of the anthropoid pelvis is ……….. shape.
Ans. Oval

43. Which chemical is used to test urine for albumin.
Ans. Acetic acid

44. ………. percent of water contains in amniotic fluid.
Ans. 99

45. The killing of a new born child by its parents is called:
Ans. Infanticide

46. The function of amnion is:
Ans. Shock protection

47. The strongest ligament in the female pelvis is:
Ans. Transverse cervical

48. Gynaecoid pelvis is ………. in shape.
Ans. Round

49. First foetal movement felt by the mother is:
Ans. Quickening

50. The alternate term of normal labour is:
Ans. Eutocia

51. The process by which ova are discharge from ovary is called:
Ans. Ovulation

52. Grafian follicle of ovary secretes which hormones?
Ans. Oestrogen

53. Drugs and X-rays should be avoided in the ………. trimester of pregnancy:
Ans. First

54. Amniotic fluid other wise known as:
Ans. Liquor amni

55. The first Railway line in South India started in:
Ans. 1856

56. There is 16 Zones and ………. divisions in Indian Railways.
Ans. 68

57. Kerala State included in which Zone?
Ans. Southern

58. Who was the first Vice President of India ?
Ans. Dr.S. Radhakrishnan

59. Shantivan is the Samadhi place of:
Ans. Indira Gandhi

60. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh:
Ans. Shiek Haseena

61. Mother Teresa was born in:
Ans. Yugoslavia

62. Chepauk stadium situates in:
Ans. Chennai

63. The First Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu was:
Ans. C.N. Annadurai

64. The famous wild life sanctuary in Tamil Nadu:
Ans. Mudumalai

65. Kanchi was the capital of the:
Ans. Pallavas

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