Last Grade Servant Exam GK

General Knowledge questions for PSC Last Grade Exam.

1. December 10 is observed as : 
Ans. Human Rights Day

2. In Which district is the Malampuzha gardens : 
Ans. Palakkad

3. India became a Sovereign democratic republic on : 
Ans. Jan 26, 1950

4. Name the country other than India whose independence day falls on 15th August : 
Ans. South Korea

5. Paralysis is caused by disorders connected with: 
Ans. Brain

6. The election commissioner can be removed by: 
Ans. The Parliament

7. The first effective vaccine against Polio was prepared by: 
Ans. Jonas E Salk

8. The first Malayalam film actor who received Bharat Award : 
Ans. P J Antony ( Film : Nirmalyam)

9. The fungus that produces alcohol is: 
Ans. Yeast

10.The gas produced by partial combustion of fuels is
Ans. Carbon monoxide

11. The konkan railway has been constructed between:
Ans. Mangalore and Roha (760 km )

12. The last Viceroy of India was:
Ans. Lord Mountbatten

13. The name given to a disease of the eye, caused by increased tension with in eyeball is:
Ans. Glaucoma

14. The name given to instrument sent to Mars , in 1997, for investigations:
Ans. Sojourner

15. The organ that regulates body temperature in human body is:
Ans. Skin

16. The Paris Commune took place in:
Ans. 1871

17. The partition of Bengal was carried out under the rule of:
Ans. Lord Curzon

18. The person who is said to be the “ Iron man “ of India is:
Ans. Sardar Vallbhbhai Patel

19. The person who occupied the post of the President of India for two sessions continuously was:
Ans. Dr Rajendra Prasad

20. The Scientist who arranged elements according to their increasing atomic weight:
Ans. Mendeleev

21. The scientist who gave laws of heredity for the first time was:
Ans. Mendel

22. The structure of DNA was discovered by:
Ans. Watson and Crick

23. Transportation of food in plants takes place through:
Ans. Phloem

24. Which disease is caused by the deficiency of vitamin B:
Ans. Beriberi

25. Which disease is caused by the deficiency of Vitamin D:
Ans. Rickets

26. Which is the longest bone in human body:
Ans. Femur

27. Which plant does brown hopper affect most:
Ans. Rice

28. Who is the journalist associated with “Kesari”: Ans. Balakrishna Pillai

29. Whose name is associated with the Theory of Evolution:
Ans. Charles Darwin

30. With which crop is the name “Jaya” associated: Ans. Rice

31. “Arjuna “ award is associated with:
Ans. Sports and Games

32. Capital of Bulgaria:
Ans. Sofia

33. E.C.G is an instrument used in the study of:
Ans. Heart

34. East India Company was formed in the year:
Ans. 1600

35. Ecology is a branch of science which deals with: Ans. Balance of nature

36. English education was introduced in India by: Ans. Macaulay

37. Expansion of LPG:
Ans. Liquefied Petroleum Gas

38. Idukki Dam is built in the river:
Ans. Periyar

39. In democracy the Sovereignty or the superior power lies in the hands of:
Ans. The People

40. Leaves are green due to the presence of:
Ans. Chlorophyll

41. National Science Day is observed on 28, February  to commemorate:
Ans. The day of declaration of Raman Effect

42. Railway service was introduced in India by:
Ans. Lord Dalhousie

43. Rainbow is caused due to:
Ans. Refraction and Dispersion

44. Richter Scale is used for measuring the intensity of:
Ans. Magnitude of Earthquake

45. Santhosh Trophy is associated with:
Ans. Football

46. Television was started in India in the Year:
Ans. 1959

47. The author of “Panchathantra” was:
Ans. Vishnu Sharma

48. The canal that joins the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean is:
Ans. Panama Canal

49. The currency of Bangladesh is:
Ans. Taka

50. The first Indira Gandhi Award for “International Justice and Harmony” was given to:
Ans. Nelson Mandela

51. The first University in India was started at: 
Ans. Kolkata

52. The King of England who signed “Magna Carta“ was:
Ans. King John

53. The largest planet orbiting the Sun is:
Ans. Jupiter

54. The oldest Dravidian language:
Ans. Tamil

55. The present name of Persia:
Ans. Iran

56. The ruler who introduced public transport system in Travancore:
Ans. C P Ramaswami Iyer

57. The Scientist who first discovered that the earth revolves round the sun:
Ans. Copernicus

58. The world famous painting ‘Mona Lisa‘ was painted by:
Ans. Leonardo da Vinci

59. Which dance form is popularly known as “Poetry in motion”:
Ans. Bharatnatyam

60. Which is known as the land of white elephants: 
Ans. Thailand

61. Who is the author of the book “My experiment with Truth”:
Ans. MK Gandhi

62. Who said “There is neither a Hindu nor a Muslim, only a man“ ? (Repeated Question)
Ans. Swami Vivekananda

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