Co Operative Bank Exam Preparation

Kerala Co-operative Societies Act and Rules at a glance

Kerala Co-operative Societies 
Act and Rules at a glance
Sec 2, Rule 2Definitions
Sec 3Registrar
Sec 3, Rule 3Application for registration
Rule 6Model Bye- laws
Sec 7, Rule 4Registration
Sec 8Registration Certificate
Rule 8First general body meeting
Sec 12, Rule 9Amendment of bye-laws
Sec 16, Rule 16, 17, 20Qualification for individual membership
Rule 16 AIdentity card
Rule 19Voting
Sec 22Restrictions on holding of shares
Sec 27Final authority in a society
Sec 28Appointment of a committee
Sec 29Annual general body meeting
Sec 30, Rule 36Special general body meeting
Sec 44Principal state partnership fund
Sec 45Subsidiary state partnership fund
Sec 56Disposal of net profit
Sec 56(2) cAgricultural credit stabilisation fund
Sec 56(2) ccProfessional education fund
Sec 57 ACo operative development welfare fund
Sec 57 BDeposit guarantee scheme
Sec 57 CConsortium lending scheme
Sec 57 DCo operative risk fund scheme
Sec 68 AVigilance officer
Sec 69 ACo operative Ombudsman
Sec 71Winding up of societies
Sec 74 AInsured Co operative banks
Sec 74 GLibrary in Co operative societies
Sec 80 APension scheme
Sec 80 BCo operative Service Examination Board
Sec 81Tribunal
Sec 88, Rule 126 to 146Circle Co operative Union
Sec 89, Rule 147State Co operative Union
Sec 94Offences and penalties
Sec 109Government power to make KCS Rules
Sec 110Repel and savings

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  3. Please send the model questions and answers for co-operative bank examination 2013

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