PSC Sample Questions

Sample questions for various psc examinations

1. Name the first woman head of UNESCO:
Ans. Irina Bokova

2. World’s first satellite for monitoring green houses gases was successfully launched by:
Ans. Japan

3. In which of the following states did the Naxalite Movement emerge in 1960s:
(a) Bihar
(b) West Bengal
(c) Orissa
(d) Madhya Pradesh
Ans. West Bengal

4. Who introduced stateless society:
(a) Paul Bohannan
(b) E. Evans- Pritchard
(c) A. Powell
(d) A. Giddens
Ans. E. Evans- Pritchard

5. Headquarters of Kerala Kalamandalam:
(a) Ochira
(b) Cheruthuruthi
(c) Haripad
(d) Thiruvananthapuram
Ans. Cheruthuruthi

6. Who gave leadership to Ezhava Memorial March?
Ans. Dr. Palpu

7. Founder of modern Kochi:
Ans. Shaktan Tampuran

8. US President Kennedy was assassinated in which year:
Ans. 1963

9. The first rocket launched from Thumba was in:
(a) 1963 November
(b) 1964 March
(c) 1984 April
(d) 2010 April
Ans. 1963 November

10. BRICS Summit (2011) was held in:
Ans. Sanya in China

11. The First Environmental Movement in India:
(a) Plachimada Strike against Coco-Cola
(b) Anti Arrack Movement
(c) Chipko Movement
(d) National Fish Workers Movement
Ans. Chipko Movement

12. Table Tennis is an indoor game. It is also known as:
(a) Billiard
(b) Golf
(c) Ping-Pong
(d) Base ball
Ans. Ping-Pong

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