PSC Questions and Answers

PSC General Questions

1. Which is called, Land of Five Rivers?
Ans. Punjab

2. Which is called, Pearl of the Orient in India?
Ans. Goa

3. Which is called, God’s Own Country?
Ans. Kerala

4. Which is called, Pink City?
Ans. Jaipur

5. Which is called, Queen of Arabian Sea?
Ans. Cochin

6. Which is called, Paradize on Earth?
Ans. Kashmir

7. Which is called, Sorrow of Bengal?
Ans. River Damodar

8. Which is called, Sorrow of China?
Ans. River Huang He (Yellow River)

9. Which is called, Sugar Bowl of World?
Ans. Cuba

10. Which is called, Rooftop of the World?
Ans. Bolivia

11. Which is called, Land of Midnight Sun?
Ans. Norway

12. Theosophical Society is associated with:
Annie Besant

13. Which is known as twin cities?
Ans. Hyderabad and Secunderabad

14. Which state is known as the ‘Orchid Paradise of India’?
Ans. Arunachal Pradesh

15. Which place in Assam is said to be the meeting place of Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam?
Ans. Hajo

16. ‘Sea of Tranquility’ and ‘Ocean of Storms’ are in:
Ans. Moon

17. Which program introduced in schools aimed at providing basic amenity to the schools?
Ans. Operation Blackboard

18. The largest paramilitary force in India?
Ans. Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)

19. Who is known as king of Rock & Roll?
Ans. Elvis Presley

20. Who is the first Indian Pilot?
Ans. J.R.D Tata

21. Agra is situated on which banks of the river?
Ans. Yamuna

22. Who is the architect of Super computer?
Ans. Seymour Cray

23. Which computer company introduced mouse for the first time?
Ans. Apple

24. Who developed the World Wide Web first?
Ans. Timothy Berners Lee

25. The first large scale, general purpose digital computer?

26. The Shortcut key to print documents is:
Ans. Ctrl+P

27. Operating System of a computer manages:
Ans. All the operations of a computer.

28. 1024 Giga byte (GB) is equal to:
Ans. 1 Tera Byte (1 TB)

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