PSC Question Paper

Kerala PSC Model Questions & Answers for Store Issuer Grade 2 , KSRTC Examination.

1. The Right to Information Act came fully into effect on:
Ans. 12 October 2005

2. Indian Constitution consists of......... Articles.
Ans. 395

3. GSM stands for:
Ans. Global System for Mobile communications

4. The first Indian who travelled in space:
Ans. Rakesh Sharma

5. The celebrated autobiography ‘Joothan’ (2007) was written by:
Ans. Om Prakash Valmiki

6. Who is the first women to win Oscar award for the best director?
Ans. Kathryn Bigelow

7. Eidrick Tont “Tiger” Woods is associated with:
Ans. Golf

8. The National Solar Mission has been named after:
Ans. Jawaharlal Nahru

9. ‘We are all born mad, some remains so.’, who said these words?
Ans. Samuel Beckett

10. The famous writer Rudyard Kipling was born in:
Ans. India

11. A tablespoon holds:
Ans. 15 ml

12. Which is the capital city of Gabonese Republic:
Ans. Libreville

13. The place where Sabarmati Ashram was founded by Gandhiji:
Ans. Ahmedabad

14. Who presented the first resolution in the First National Congress meeting at Bombay?
Ans. G. Subramania Ayyar

15. Who gave the slogan ‘Go back to the vedas’?
Ans. Swami Dayananda Saraswati

16. Who was the president of INC at the time of India’s independence?
Ans. J.B Kripalani

17. The first nuclear powered submarine designed in India is:
Ans. INS Arihant

18. Which English general defeated Jhansi Rani:
Ans. General Hugh Rose

19. The Headquarters of World Bank:
Ans. Washington DC

20. Who launched the “Bhoodan Movement”?
Ans. Acharya Vinoba Bhave

21. The year in which the nationalization of banks took place:
Ans. 1969

22. Bandung conferences was in the year:
Ans. 1955

23. The place where Mother Theresa was born:
Ans. Uskub

24. Indian Parliamentary system is a model of:
Ans. British

25. pH value of pure water is:
Ans. 7

26. Night blindness is due to the lack of:
Ans. Vitamin A

27. The volunteer captain of Guruvayur Sathyagraha:
Ans. A.K Gopalan

28. The Indian State which is known as ‘Land of Legends’:
Ans. Gujarat

29. The founder of Amnesty International:
Ans. Peter Benensun

30. The Indian capital market is under the control of:
Ans. S.E.B.I

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