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These questions are useful for PSC Assistant Salesman, Lab Assistant, KSEB Mazdoor, Reserve conductor exam preparations.

1. Total number of bones in the human body:
Ans. 206

2. Hardest substance in the human body:
Ans. Tooth enamel

3. Which blood group is called the universal donor?
Ans. O Group

4. What causes Pneumonia?
Ans. Bacteria

5. Which disease affects in Pancreas?
Ans. Diabetes

6. Which disease is caused by the bite of a mad dog?
Ans. Hydrophobia

7. Which Vitamin is essential for the formation of red blood cell?
Ans. Vitamin B12

8. The scientists who discovered the structure of DNA
Ans. James Watson and Francis Crick

9. The name of the tissue present in the eye that is highly sensitive to colors:
Ans. Cone Cells

10. Contact lenses are made from?
Ans. Poly methyl metha crylate

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