PSC Model Questions

Model Questions for various psc examinations

1. First district in India which is declared to be achieved hundred percent primary education:
(a) Coimbatore
(b) Mumbai
(c) Kannur
(d) Nagpur
Ans. Kannur

2. The freedom fighter who died while he was in fast unto death for a separate state for the Telugu speaking people:
(a) Pattabhi Sitaramayya
(b) Sri Potti Sriramalu
(c) Rajeswara Rao
(d) Yella Reddy
Ans. Sri Potti Sriramalu

3. The place where the first war of independence led by Kunwar Singh.
(a) Bareilly
(b) Faizabad
(c) Kanpur
(d) Jagadispur
Ans. Jagadispur

4. Prarthana Samaj was founded by:
(a) Keshav Chandra Sen
(b) Jyothi Rao Phule
(c) Dr. Atmaram Pandurang
(d) Veeresalingam
Ans. Dr. Atmaram Pandurang

5. The brave heroine of Nagaland during Civil Disobedience Movement.
(a) Begum Hasrat Mahal
(b) Rani Gaidiliu
(c) Rani Lakshmi Bhai
(d) Rani Parvathy Bhai
Ans. Rani Gaidiliu

6. The year of Punnapra Vayalar agitation:
(a) 1944 A.D
(b) 1946 A.D
(c) 1947 A.D
(d) 1949 A.D
Ans. 1946 A.D

7. The river which is merging with Arabian Sea at Beypore:
(a) Chinnar
(b) Kallar
(c) Chaliyar
(d) Neyyar
Ans. Chaliyar

8. The theme of the famous novel ‘Aadu Jeevitham’:
(a) Life of desert
(b) Life of Coastal people
(c) Life of village
(d) Life of a family
Ans. Life of desert

9. The author of ‘Manimekhale’:
(a) Thiruvalluvar
(b) Chathanar
(c) Nakkiran
(d) Ilanko Adikal
Ans. Chathanar

10. The man who known as ‘Bharata Kesari’:
(a) Ramakrishna Pillai
(b) Balakrishna Pillai
(c) M.R Nair
(d) Mannath Padmanabhan
Ans. Mannath Padmanabhan

11. Garuda Air Lines belongs to:
(a) Japan
(b) Malaysia
(c) Nepal
(d) Indonesia
Ans. Indonesia

12. The smallest Grama Panchayat in Kerala:
(a) Valapattanam
(b) Kumili
(c) Malampuzha
(d) Vattavada
Ans. Valapattanam

13. The name of D.K Pattamal is associated with:
(a) Karnatic Music
(b) Madhubani Art
(c) Odyssi dance
(d) Bharatanatyam
Ans. Karnatic Music

14. One Hectare is approximately how many acres?
(a) 2.521 acres
(b) 2.471 acres
(c) 2.17 acres
(d) 2.75 acres
Ans. 2.471 acres

15. The Book ‘Kanneerum kinavum’ is the work of:
(a) O.N.V Kurup
(b) V.T Bhattathiripad
(c) Sree Narayana Guru
(d) Muttathu Varkey
Ans. V.T Bhattathiripad

16. The year of Kundara Proclamation:
(a) 1805 AD
(b) 1809 AD
(c) 1816 AD
(d) 1800 AD
Ans. 1809 AD

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