PSC Model Question Paper

PSC Model Questions & Answers for Assistant Salesman / Conductor Examinations.

Model Question Paper

1. Arundhathy Roy got Booker Prize for the year:
Ans. 1997

2. The most powerful organ of UNO:
Ans. Security Council

3. Doctor’s day (July 1) is observed on the birth day of:
Ans. Dr. BC Roy

4. Who said this “To err is human and to forgive is divine”?
Ans. Alexander Pope

5. The Mauryan emperor who embraced Buddhism and became its greatest patron:
Ans. Asoka

6. Who founded the city of Siri?
Ans. Alauddin Khilji

7. The most famous ruler of Gupta dynasty:
Ans. Chandragupta II

8. Capital of Kanishka was:
Ans. Purushapruram
9. Who wrote ‘Arthasastra’?
Ans. Chanakya

10. The first women to become Union Minister in India:
Ans. Rajkumari Amrit Kaur

11. Abraham Lincoln was the …………… th president of USA:
Ans. 16

12. Who was known as ‘Lady with the Lamp’?
Ans. Florence Nightingale

13. Antonio Agostinho Neto led the freedom movement in:
Ans. Angola

14. Who discovered Cuba?
Ans. Columbus

15. The US president who was elected unopposed:
Ans. George Washington

16. The last king of Sunga dynasty:
Ans. Devabhuti

17. Father of White revolution in India:
Ans. Varghese kurien

18. Who was called ‘Gurudev’?
Ans. Tagore

19. The first Chinese pilgrim to visit India:
Ans. Fahien

20. Lingaraja temple is in:
Ans. Bhuavaneswar

21. Ruins of ancient Buddhist university can be seen at:
Ans. Nalanda

22. Agra is on the banks of:
Ans. Yamuna

23. The largest cave temple in India:
Ans. Ellora

24. The largest island in the world:
Ans. Greenland

25. Which is known as ‘Blue Mountains’?
Ans. Nilgiris

26. Britain of the South:
Ans. New Zealand

27. The present name of Constantinople:
Ans. Istanbul

28. The ancient Olympics was held for the first time in …………… BC.
Ans. 776

29. Merdeka Cup is related to:
Ans. Football

30. In which year US astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin landed on Moon:
Ans. 1969

31. The Judge who resigned in 2011 in connection with impeachment proceedings in Parliament:
Ans. Soumitra Sen

32. Polygraph is otherwise known as:
Ans. Lie detector

33. Heat radiation is measured by:
Ans. Bolometer

34. The number of basic symbols in Roman numeration:
Ans. 7

35. Speed of light is maximum in ……………….
Ans. Vacuum

36. The isotope using for radio carbon dating:
Ans. Carbon-14

37. What is known as the ‘King of poisons’?
Ans. Arsenic

38. Which cash crop was most benefitted by Green Revolution in india:
Ans. Sugar Cane

39. Hydrophytes are grown in:
Ans. Water

40. Which organism has the largest number of ribs?
Ans. Snakes

41. The venue of President’s Trophy boat race:
Ans. Ashtamudi lake

42. Trachoma is a disease of:
Ans. Eye

43. The nearest celestial body to Earth?
Ans. Moon

44. The first space tourist:
Ans. Dennis Tito

45. Falkland Islands belong to:
Ans. Britain

46. “The Lodge” is the official residence of the prime minister of:
Ans. Australia

47. The native land of Lepchas:
Ans. Sikkim

48. In which year Indian states were reorganized under linguistic basis for the first time?
Ans. 1956

49. Jhulum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej are the tribuataries of:
Ans. Indus

50. Which dynasty constructed Charminar?
Ans. Qutub Shahi

51. The prime minister who was instrumental in the formation of RAW:
Ans. Indira Gandhi

52. Who is India’s first economic thinker?
Ans. Dadabhai Navroji

53. The Surat split of INC was in the year:
Ans. 1907

54. The first European to invade India:
Ans. Alexander

55. Who introduced market regulations in Medieval India?
Ans. Alauddin Khilji

56. Who introduced separate civil service for Indians?
Ans. Lytton

57. The total number of electors belongs to Parliament in the Presidential Election:
Ans. 776

58. The work of Thomas More which describes an ideal state:
Ans. Utopia

59. The first Congress chief minister of Kerala:
Ans. R Sankar

60. The district in Kerala with the largest number of Grama Panchayats :
Ans. Malappuram

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