Professional Studies Question Paper

Kerala University B.Sc Computer Science

Professional Studies Question Paper

Sixth Semester Bsc. (Computer Science) Degree Examination, March 2011

(2004 Scheme)




Answer any ten questions. Each question carries 3 marks.

1. Define and explain the term professionalism ?

2. Explain the role of political environment in the business?

3. Explain the impact of technology in the busineess environment?

4. Discuss the need to focus on professional ethics?

5. List the value that are pertinent to professional ethics?

6. What is meant by computer ethics?

7. Exlpain the term quality management?

8. What are the commonly used quality tools in a quality management system?

9. What is the purpose of ISO 9000 quality management system?

10. What are the different forms of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)?

11. What are the main criteria for securing patents?

12. Explain the meaning of copyright?

13. What are the theories of right action?

[Marks 10x3=30]


Answer any five questions. Each question carries 6 marks.

14. What is meant by professional responsibility and discuss the theories?

15. Discuss the effect of political and legal environment in the success of business?

16. Explain compassion and caring?

17. Explain moral disagreement, moral absolution, moral relativism and moral pluralism?

18. What is meant by TQM? What are its basic principles? Explain the underlying steps to TQM?

19. What should be the mission statement of your institute?

20. Explain the salient features of Indian Patent Act?

21. Explain the relevant provisions for computer software in the Indian Copy Right Act?

[Marks 5x6=30]


Answer any one question. Each question carries 15 marks.

22. In Microsoft Corporation vs Yogesh Papat case the observation of the court was as follows : "Embodying in computer by its manufacturer the software of the microsoft amounts to pirating software. Similarly copying the operating system of software in assembling the computer amounts also infringement of copyright". Comment?

23. Specify the categories of inventions which are not patentable under Section 3 of the Indian patent Act. Explain with suitable examples?

[Marks 1x15=15]

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