NDA Exam Model Questions & Answers

National Defence Academy / Navel Academy

Model Question Paper for National Defence Academy Examination.

General Studies

1. Media, Newspaper and Right to information derives its power from which article of the Indian Constitution:
Ans. 19

2. India is democratic country because:
(i) People elect the government
(ii) Executive is responsible to parliament
(iii) India is a Federal Country
(iv) India has 28 stated and 7 U.T
Ans. i only

3. Which Article of the Indian Constitution gives power to Judiciary to review the law passed by the Legislature?
Ans. 13

4. Which country has the unwritten Constitution?
Ans. U.K

5. The preamble of the Indian Constitution was amended by which amendment act:
Ans. 42

6. The Indian Constitution came to force on:
Ans. 26 Jan 1950

7. If the GMT is noon then the time of a place located at 90 degree east longitude is:
Ans. 6 PM

8. The place of construction of Super Thermal Power plant in Andhra Pradesh is:
Ans. Simhadri

9. The year 1929 is significant in the Indian history because:
Ans. Simon Commission Report

10. Who started “Common Veal” Journal India?
Ans. Ainne Besant

11. Who was the Governor General of India at the time of Indian’s Independence?
Ans. Lord Mountbatten

12. First Indian Muslim president of Indian National Congress was:
Ans. Badruddin Tyabji

13. “Kuka” Movement is related with which region:
Ans. Punjab

14. Who founded Pagal Panthis?
Ans. Karam Shah

15. Second Anglo- Mysore War was in the year:
Ans. 1780

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