B.Sc Computer Science Multimedia Question Paper

Kerala University B.Sc Computer Science

Multimedia Systems Question paper

Sixth Semester Bsc. (Computer Science) Degree Examination, March 2011
(2004 Scheme)

Multimedia Systems

Answer any ten questions. Each question carries 3 marks.

1. Define multimedia ?

2. Differentiate microphone and loudspeaker?

3. Define Temporal resolution of images?

4. What are functions of filters?

5. Explain NTSC and PAL?

6. Differentiate lossy and lossless compression mechanisms?

7. Define analog and digital video?

8. What is meant by MP3?

9. Define QOS (Quality Of Service)?

10. Explain LZW compression?

11. How to select the frame rates for a multimedia video stream?

12. What is meant by Fractal images?

13. Define DPCM audio compression?

[Marks 10x3=30]


Answer any five questions. Each carries 6 marks.

14. What is meant by Hepermedia?

15. Differentiate CDs and DVDs?

16. What is meant by quantization?

17. Explain application of a low-pass filter?

18. What is meant by multistage compression?

19. Define multimedia synchronization?

20. What is meant by JPEG compression?

21. Explain requirements of Internet for multimedia applications?

[Marks 5x6=30]


Answer any one question. Each question carries 15 marks.

22. Explain in detail the applications of multimedia for entertainment, education and health science?

23. Discuss various methods of video compression with comparative advantages and disadvantages?

[Marks 1x15=15]

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