Kerala PSC Repeated Questions

Kerala Public Service Commission repeated several questions in almost all PSC examinations. Here are some Repeated Questions in PSC previous Examinations.

1) Last Mughal Emperor of India was:
Ans. Aurangzeb

2) How many districts in Kerala have no coastline?
Ans. 5

3) First Persian Ruler who attacked India?
Ans. Cyrus I

4) The country with 3 capitals:
Ans. South Africa

5) United Nations Day is on:
Ans. October 24

6) India’s first Rubber Dam is situated in:
Ans. Andhra Pradesh

7) The rule of the English East India Company came to an end in:
Ans. 1858

8) The significance of 12th March 1930 in Indian History?
Ans. Beginning of Dandi March

9) The call for ‘Total Revolution’ was given by:
Ans. Jayaprakash Narayanan

10) The year in which Kerala Kalamandalam was established:
Ans. 1930

11) Which Blood Group is the Universal Donor?
Ans. O Group

12) Astigmatism is a disease affecting:
Ans. Eyes

13) Which period is known as the ‘Gandhian Era’ of the Congress?
Ans. 1919 - 1947

14) Which city is known as the Milk City of India?
Ans. Anand

15) Bionics is the study of:
Ans. Living Beings

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