Kerala Public Service Commission repeated several questions in almost all PSC examinations. Here are some Repeated Questions in PSC previous Examinations.

1) Last Mughal Emperor of India was:
Ans. Aurangzeb

2) How many districts in Kerala have no coastline?
Ans. 5

3) First Persian Ruler who attacked India?
Ans. Cyrus I

4) The country with 3 capitals:
Ans. South Africa

5) United Nations Day is on:
Ans. October 24

6) India’s first Rubber Dam is situated in:
Ans. Andhra Pradesh

7) The rule of the English East India Company came to an end in:
Ans. 1858

8) The significance of 12th March 1930 in Indian History?
Ans. Beginning of Dandi March

9) The call for ‘Total Revolution’ was given by:
Ans. Jayaprakash Narayanan

10) The year in which Kerala Kalamandalam was established:
Ans. 1930

11) Which Blood Group is the Universal Donor?
Ans. O Group

12) Astigmatism is a disease affecting:
Ans. Eyes

13) Which period is known as the ‘Gandhian Era’ of the Congress?
Ans. 1919 - 1947

14) Which city is known as the Milk City of India?
Ans. Anand

15) Bionics is the study of:
Ans. Living Beings

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