Kerala PSC Question Bank

Selected Questions from Kerala PSC Previous Examination

Care Taker (Women)

Social Welfare

Exam Held on: 14/07/2011

Twenty Selected Questions from previous Care Taker Exam.

1. India’s largest flyover express way located in:
Ans. Hyderabad

2. Headquarters of Asian Development Bank:
Ans. Manila

3. Kanha National Park situated in:
Ans. Madhya Pradesh

4. WTO started in:
Ans. 1995

5. Diabetic patients take ‘insulin’, invented by:
Ans. Banting

6. The Nitrogen base found in RNA:
Ans. Thymin

7. The pH of sea water:
Ans. 8

8. An Indian space vehicle that announced and found water across the surface of moon:
Ans. Chandrayan-1

9. India’s first indigenously- built super computer:
Ans. Param

10. The Island s of Seashells are located in the:
Ans. Indian Ocean

11. How fast the earth spins at North pole?
Ans. Almost zero

12. Hypoxia is a phenomena that occurs in:
Ans. Aquatic environment

13. Ramsar conventions refers to the conservation of:
Ans. Wet lands

14. Chernobil nuclear accidents happened on:
Ans. 1986

15. The habitat valuable for commercially harvested species are called:
Ans. Sea grass bed

16. What is the smallest unit of Tharawad?
Ans. Thavazhi

17. The wind which is known as ‘Chinook’ in Europe is:
Ans. Foehn

18. Real name of chattambi Swamikal:
Ans. Kunjan

19. Study about Horse:
Ans. Hippology

20. Ancient name of Japan:
Ans. Nippon

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