Bank PO Exam Computer Questions & Answers

Bank PO Exam Computer Questions & Answers

1. PDF means:
Ans. Portable Document Format

2. ISDN stands for:
Ans. Integrated Services Digital Network

3. Which is a computer printing device for printing vector graphics?
Ans. Plotter

4. Which is the default mode of printing the documents?
Ans. Portrait

5. Which is the disk subsystem that increases performance or provides fault tolerance or both?
RAID stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive (or sometimes "Independent") Disks.

6. Who is the person responsible for the design, implementation, maintenance and repair of an organization’s database?
Ans. DBA (Data Base Administrator)

7. Tab key is an abbreviation for:
Ans. Tabulator key

8. Which is the computer shortcut for undo the previous operation?
Ans. Ctrl+Z

9. Which is the lossy compressed music format that is very popular for digitizing music?
Ans. MP3

10. Which is the best method to move text from one page to a different page?
Ans. Cut and Paste
11. Which language is used for creating a webpage?
Ans. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

12. Which command graphically displays the structure of the directories?

13. .............. is a program for loading memory into the operating system and launching it.
Ans. Bootstrap loader

14. The process of making changes in the existing document is known as:
Ans. Editing

15. In a client/server model, ........... typically stores files and databases including more complex applications like Websites:
Ans. Server

16. The information’s saved in a computer is stored on ............
Ans. Data Disk

17. Which is the Web browser from Google?
Ans. Chrome

18. The software that the computer uses to start or boot is found in:
Ans. Basic Input Output System (BIOS)

19. The computer’s contents can be organized in a hierarchical structure of directories that include all of the following EXCEPT:
(a) Folders
(b) Drives
(c) Files
(d) Systems
Ans. Systems

20. Which of these is not designed to be portable?
(a) PDA
(b) Laptop computers
(c) Notebook computers
(d) Mini computer
Ans. Mini computer

21. Which of the following component is used to cool the computer?
(a) Power cables
(b) Modem
(c) Tower case
(d) Case fan
Ans. Case fan

22. UNIX is an:
Ans. Operating system

23. The latest, fastest and most expensive type of computer is a:
Ans. Super computer

24. Which of the following application is used to publish a magazine?
(a) Word processor
(b) Spread sheets
(c) Desktop publishing
(d) Power point
Ans. Desktop publishing

25. Which shortcut key is used to delete an item permanently from a computer?
Ans. Shift+Del

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