Typist Grade 2 Exam Model Questions

Model Questions and Answers for the preparation of upcoming Typist Grade Examination.

1. Whose birthday is celebrated as National Youth Day?
Answer: Swami Vivekanandan

2. ‘India wins freedom’ is a book written by:
Answer: Abdul Kalam Azad

3. Identify the constitutional amendment that included secularism and socialism in the preamble of our constitution:
Answer: 42

4. Who is the exponent of ‘Drain theory’?
Answer: Dadabai Navroji
Typist Grade 2 Exam Model Questions

5. Name the Malayalee political leader whose statue is installed in Indian Parliament:
Answer: A.K Gopalan

6. In which city was U.N.O formed?
Answer: San Francisco

7. Where is ‘Sea of Tranquility’ found?
Answer: Moon

8. Which country situates in between Panama and Nicaragua?
Answer: Costarica

9. Which organ in the human body is affected by Miopia?
Answer: Eye

10. Name the country which is the biggest consumer of gold?
Answer: India

11. The term ‘bulls eye’ is related to:
Answer: Shooting

12. What is the PH value of pure water?
Answer: 7

13. Which country, other than India has lotus as its national flag?
Answer: Egypt

14. Who is known as the father of modern medicine?
Answer: Hippocratus

15. The world cup foot ball tournament 2014 will be held at:
Answer: Brazil

16. Which company was associated with the Bhopal gas tragedy?
Answer: Union carbide

17. Who won the Khel Ratna prize in 2010?
Answer: Saina Nehwal

18. Who was awarded the Adidas golden ball for the best football player of the 2010 World Cup Foot Ball tournament?
Answer: Diego Forlan

19. Who wrote the book ‘A survey of Kerala History?
Answer: A. Sreedhara Menon

20. Name the Chief Election Commissioner of India:
Answer: S.Y Quraishi

21. ‘Balasore’ where the intercept missile was experimented is in …………… state.
Answer: Orissa

22. The honorary rank conferred with Sachin Tendulkar by Indian Air Force is a:
Answer: Group captain

23. Which day is observed as ‘Mandela Day’ as per U.N appeal?
Answer: July 18

24. Indian Institute of Science is located in:
Answer: Bangalore

25. Name the book which helped to develop the social outlook of Gandhiji:
Answer: Unto the last

26. The Greek philosopher who was never written a book is:
Answer: Socrates

27. What is the color of ozone gas?
Answer: Blue

28. “One who opens a school closes a hundred prisons” Who made this comment?
Answer: Victor Hugo

29. …………….. Files are used as data containers to store one or several files in the compressed form.
Answer: .rar

30. IRC was developed by:
Answer: Jarkko Oikarinen

31. In SLIP/PPP, the connection is called:
Answer: Dial-up

32. A proxy server is used to transform ………….. protocol to …………. Format.
Answer: TCP/IP, HTTP

33. When you start MS Word, it automatically creates document and names it:
Answer: DOCUMENT 1

34. Which of the following short cut key is used to check spelling?
Answer: F7

35. What is the minimum number of rows and columns that a word table can have?
Answer: 1 row and 1 column

36. While selecting text with the keyboard, it is necessary to keep the ………. Key pressed.
Answer: Shift

37. Triple-clicking the mouse selects a:
Answer: Paragraph

38. To merge selected records, specify the condition (s) in the ………… dialog box.
Answer: Query options

39. A ………….. can store pre-defined text, page set-up, auto text entries, styles etc.
Answer: Template

40. The most useful function of a spread sheet are:
Answer: Formulas and graphs

41. The $ sign before the row and column number indicates that the cell address is:
Answer: Rolutive

42. In Microsoft power point two kind of sound effects that can be added to the presentation are:
Answer: .wav files and .mid files

43. What is a motion path?
Answer: A method of moving items on a slide

44. The select one hyperlink after another during a slide presentation, what do you press?
Answer: Tab

45. The window which shows icons for things like the mouse, sound and display is:
Answer: Control panel

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